A porch swing on the terrace and you are ready to experience lovely summer days outside! Available in a wide range of styles and materials, the rocking ‘benches’ are perfect for friendly gatherings, romantic cuddles or reading sessions by your own. If you have not decided what style meets your needs, here are the types you can rely on. The unsophisticated mate, the chair. It integrates easily in small spaces, while offering a seat all to yourself. Then comes the bench. Most frequently, 2 or 3 persons can sit on it and it is comfortable for a relaxed conversation with a friend. On top of my personal list, the bed. What do you say about a breezy nap outside, in the afternoon?

A porch swing bed will sway you gently during sweet dreamy escapes. The hanging friend is a porch swing that is suspended with ropes or chains. In this case, you have to pay attention to the height: you need at least 2 ½ feet of distance on every side. You need to create a space that is pleasant to stay and work in it, which will reduce the impact of the additional stress, from the environment. The comfort and functionality of the space will turn your home into a personal oasis of peace and satisfaction. However, if your terrace does not feature rafters to fix hanging models, a freestanding chair will do the job. An A-frame supports the seat and allows you much more mobility within your garden.

A complete guide of how to build your own porch swing at home, here.

A romantic escape

What do you say about a fairy like décor for your lazy afternoons? This pure white mise en scene above completely seduced me. Comfy pillows and a soft blanket assure an enjoyable sway, while ivory candles in tall wrought ironed holders add a romantic touch. I very much like the fact that the flooring was left exposed: bar naked wood that infuses the environment with naturalness. Here and there, place pots with flowers or greenery.

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 Authentic and relaxed

Some need to clear their thoughts and feel more comfortable in light, naked decors. This is also the case with the terrace above, a pure grey & white ‘presentation’ that offers space for relaxation. The bench is suspended with strong ropes and overlooks a splendid, luxuriant garden. The corridor-like terrace is generous enough as to make the guests feel comfortable and serene.

Materials for a porch swing

Wood, wicker or aluminum … which one fits best? Aluminum is light and also offers wide possibilities of coloring. Moreover, the item will last very long, if they are affected by rain or sun. Secondly, resin — it is considered less expensive and very malleable. Try it if you feel it accommodates easily with the overall design. Wicker, the ‘classic’ friend feels at home in warm climates because it lets air circulate around your body. Last, but not least, wood. It is durable and integrates smoothly in outdoor areas. The most common collection includes redwood, cedar, teak, fir and pine. Therefore, pick what fits in your budget.

My favorite spot: a vivid green bench with organic ‘patterned’ pillows mixed with a large painting with tortoises.

A sunny terrace with wicker rocking chairs

It is not strange to combine a porch swing with classical items of furniture. All you have to do is to make sure space is generous around it not to bother the guests resting on normal chairs. The set above features marine influences and it is perfect for a seaside holiday house. Long diaphanous curtains offer protection from the sun and add a romantic touch.

If you need an islanded place in your garden, find a good spot under a tree and install a porch swing underneath. You will enjoy calm moments, while also being protected form the sun.   

A rustic outdoor that reminds me of knight tales.

Not only the terrace, but also the water can accommodate a porch swing. Obviously, above it, tightly fixed by tree branches.