Are you a fan of the Nordic Style? Clear lines, straight angles, pure interiors and items that do not ornate for the sake of decoration are among your favourite ingredients. They never age and revitalise the interiors. Moreover, I’ve always felt this style is like a link between generations. Do you remember those weird gatherings at grandma’s house when youngsters look strange at Asian pottery? Or make fun of the silver cutlery sets? This will never be the case in a Nordic style home, a place where the old feels contemporary, stimulated and actual. A ceramic ancient stove integrates discreetly, while a modern armchair adds personality to an all-white living room. The mixes follow a well educated common sense, and sometimes play with original decorations. We’ve found a chic, urban apartment from Madrid, Spain on Explore the collection and let us know what you’ve picked for your lovely home!


Nordic Style goes back to essential roots

This luminous dining room features a wooden table for six, accompanied by famous Eames white chairs. Made of massive wood, the table became the focal point of the room. The tall plant in the corner enlivens the space.

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Minimalist decorations in a Nordic Style home

When it comes to ornaments, Scandinavian homes state that less is more. A composition of transparent vases hosting flowers, candles and a cactus adds charm to the dining room. In case you got rid of succulents, it is high time to welcome cacti in your life! Big or little, they will bring a fresh spot of green in an austere world.


The clean aesthetic of natural wood

When you want to make a space warmer, try a combination of wood, balmy lighting spots and a pair of soft textiles. They do their job amazingly in living rooms, reading corners and kitchens, but they can also transform the feel of a bathroom. Here, a rather insipid interior got a touch of style from a clean wooden cabinet and an oversized mirror.

interior designrulz (1)

Wallpapers we are obsessed with

Are you looking for things that make your home happy? Then you should try some fine wallpapers in your bedroom or in your children’s room. Available in a wide range of designs and colors, they add a playful touch to your space. Scandinavia’s favorite colors? Green blue, pink and grey. As for the designs, you can choose from romantic flowers in bloom and inviting forests to well organized geometries or rich baroque patterns.

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An open floor where areas communicate easily is the best option in a generous home. The wagon like kitchen allows free access and mobility, and the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry hides all working utensils and cutlery. I like the combination of pure white and concrete grey; it is elegant, clean and very calming.

interior designrulz (5)

Living mother nature

One of my favorite spots: the chic wallpaper featuring a slim, grey forest and the solid log serving as bedside table. The vivid marine blue bed top is the hot accent of the room.

interior designrulz (6)

Functional and always tidy: the closet featuring large gliding doors accommodates all the clothes and accessories in the room. Moreover, you can be sure your children will clean up the room in a second when guests blow in unexpectedly.

interior designrulz (7) interior designrulz (8) interior designrulz (9)

Many Scandinavian interiors look like artists’ studios. Items of furniture of natural wood and discrete lighting spots make the room feel cozy and inviting. For a plus, be bold and introduce some wow elements: a contemporary art piece or an exotic souvenir will animate the space.

interior designrulz (10) interior designrulz (11)

As simple as that: a working area consisting of a plain desk and two simple light shelves

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