On a 4-acre plot within Cove Forest in North Vancouver sits a sprawling estate home to the founder of Herschel Supply Co. co-founder Lyndon Cormack. Accessible by a 2.5-mile forest-lined road, the site features waterfront access, a private wharf, a miniature putting green, and an oversized chess set in the garden. And that’s just the exterior.

The result is an indoor-outdoor living experience that incorporates dramatic views, gardens, and a variety of recreational activities that make the residence a place to relax—and play. The sprawling house itself features 28-foot ceilings and walls of glass that overlook not only the water, but a miniature putting green, as well as a giant chess set.

Inside, the 6,000-square-foot living space boasts over 100 custom Bocci light fixtures, 28-foot ceilings, concrete flooring, tunnels that connect various rooms, and plenty of indoor/outdoor living spaces that make the most of the home’s scenic views.

The grounds are breathtaking. What was the inspiration behind the design?

“The previous owner of the property spent a lot of time on landscaping and detailed manicuring and that provided a great start for the area by the water. When I moved in, I wanted to include a more functional aspect to the grounds so that every part of the yard had a designated purpose. We introduced zones, so that wandering through allowed you to experience a whole bunch of special moments. We also created spaces where people could participate in different outdoor activities. We have areas for basketball, golf, and places to sit or stroll to comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

When it came to the flora, my intention was to aesthetically complement the natural environment. A lot of the native plants and trees have been maintained, but pockets of curated vegetation have been introduced throughout the grounds. Japanese maples, rhododendrons, azaleas, and magnolias aren’t commonly found in this region, but provide a beautiful contrast to the pine, cedar and spruce of the surrounding area. ” Rounding out the property are a variety of plantings like Japanese maples and magnolias, as well as a private wharf. Head to Domino for more.