Once thought of as an organizational necessity hidden behind closed doors, shelves have come out of the closet and made a grand entry into the design world. Floating shelves are a sleek, contemporary solution to dress up a blank wall while adding a little extra storage or display space. One of the fundamentals in decorating the interior is managing to create a perfect storage space where you can display your books, decorative figures or framed pictures. Decorative floating shelves are perfect thing which is especially designed to appear like they are attached to the wall. Affordable and easy to install, floating wall shelves appear to jut out of a wall in a modern, minimalist way.

Shelves are so often a straight up and down affair, but if you’re fitting floating shelves, there’s no reason to line them up neatly, one above the other. Try staggering their positions on the wall for a more energetic, original result. The shelves are filled with a mix of older items, gifts and products from a local restaurant supply store. The floating shelves will provide your interior with sleek and organized appearance. The floating shelves are a great addition to every room and can help you to both decorate the place and enhance the aesthetics of the interior.

Whether you add floating shelves to your home as wall decor or additional storage, remember that the art is in the display. Floating wall shelves can be used in many ways; for example, they can:

Display framed photos
Create a color-unified collection
Hold vases or a candle arrangement
Hang in a stacked group for organized storage
Be placed over a work area to clear clutter
Replace nightstands in a small bedroom

Don’t let wall space be wasted space

Wall shelves turn empty walls into a great place to store and show off your things. We have lots of styles, coordinated with the rest of our furniture. And our big choice of sizes, including shelves you can cut to the exact length you need, means you can find a shelf to match almost any space.

We all have a collection of our most treasured things. Perhaps it’s a little toy car from our boyhood years, or little travel books to remind us of our trips abroad. Using Peliships, we proudly display these objects to show to our family and friends who we are and where we have been.Here are some clever open shelving ideas for incorporating them into your home for practical and creative living.


Floating Shelves in a Functional Kitchen Design

Floating shelving is the best way to open up your kitchen and create a highly functional, well-organized and neat interior. Floating kitchen shelves with both optimize the space, since the kitchen cupboards take a lot of space in the kitchen and can create a cluttered ambiance. Floating shelves is the best way to improve the functionality in the kitchen and boost up the aesthetic appearance of the interior. Kitchen with floating shelves tend to look lively, open and functional. Below you can check a showcase of super organized kitchen designs with floating shelves. Dig in the cool round up and see what you think.

Add multiple floating shelves in the kitchen to display your collection of dishware, pottery or other cookware. Try floating shelves in a finish that contrasts with your cabinets. They will break up the space and create a beautiful mix of finishes. If you are looking to display plates, find a shelf with a ledge or lip so the plates do not slide off.

Install floating shelves above a tub for keeping wash cloths, bath soaps and other necessities handy. For a dramatic look, use a finish that pops against the wall color.

A combination of shelf units and floating shelves articulates this corner and gives the back wall an open feeling.

The way the distressed furniture/shelves mixes with the traditional decor. Go long and lean. Use long floating shelves to rotate art and objects with ease. In the space here, the three floating shelves echo the line of the extra-long desk underneath, creating a clean, streamlined look.

Floating shelves are one thing, but floating cabinets add an unexpected element to a minimalist living area like this one. Hide any clutter in the cabinets, and show off only the most beautiful of objects