Put an electric fireplace in the living room and you will add a spark of healthy romanticism to your home. Although many people believe it looks artificial, the benefits you get will melt the prejudices in no time. They are safe, economical and very beautiful. Moreover, they come in a sophisticated design that satisfies the contemporary high-end tastes. They accommodate easily in a conventional fireplace that is no longer in use, or in many other ‘locations’ that prove adequate. For example, in a niche or a boxy solid place that assures stability. Most of the brands offer a wide range od possibilities; designers adapted their ideal models to our daily needs.

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Built-in electric fireplace

This model is extremely elegant and fits in both large rooms and tiny spaces. Designed by Dimplex, the stunning look is obtained with an Opti-myst flame, a revolution in alectric fire technology. Why? Because the flame and the smoking effect are very realistic. The light reflected against the water creates a convincing illusion of flames and smoke, while the mist rises up through the rocks. It looks so authentic that it can be mistaken for a true wood-burning fireplace.

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Long Narrow Electric Fireplace

Perfect in generous open spaces, this long fireplace became the focal point of the room. Moreover, the wooden installation creates a natural habitat that blends smoothly with the overall background. The lighting effects are so discrete that you are absolutely seduced by the atmosphere. One more tip: add vegetal walls, decorations or pots with flowers to enliven the space.

Trendy free standing tub and a fireplace

A built-in fireplace in the bathroom is pampering at its best. Installed in a shinny marbled wall, the fireplace offers a spectacular view while bathing. The room feels cozy, relaxed and very warm due to the wooden furnishings and decorations. I also like the light multiple boards of the flooring; they create the comfy, intimate atmosphere of a sauna.

A minimalist décor featuring an elegant built-in fireplace and two transparent glass vases

Almost ‘invisible’, this electric fireplace look like a picture in the wall. It goes amazingly with the lemon sofa and armchairs of this sunny living room.

Modern interior room with beige furniture and concrete wall

With clean lines and polished surfaces, this modern electric and ethanol fireplace becomes the focal point of the room. Strange as it may seem, it integrates fantastic in this grey office like interior.

A classic model perfect for a noble imposing dining or living room

I’ve never thought to combine a fireplace with a birch forest painting. The mix is surprising and makes the inhabitants escape mentally from the block.

Modern living room interior (3D rendering)

A classic model integrated in the TV stand transformed the living room completely. Featuring a realistic flame effect, the ambiance is warm and inviting.

Wall mount electric fireplace under TV

Wall Mount Fireplace

When you want to save space, a wall mount fireplace is the option. What do they usually feature? The package comes with a fireplace, remote control, mounting hardware, and power cord. The settings of the remote control include an on/off switch, 2 heat settings, and adjustable flame brightness. The flames in the fireplace are generated directly from electricity. Stay cozy and warm while enjoying a beautiful fire without the problems of a real fireplace. No need for chopping wood!

Elegant and stylish

Planked with stone, the wall adds a natural feeling to this modern interior.

A glamorous living room decorated with golden accessories and fine textiles

Wall mount electric fireplace under tv