Do you need reminders frequently? Use a cork board or a bulletin board to revive your memory. Installed regularly in public spaces (school, universities, libraries, shops, malls etc), the items are perfect for announcing events, providing information or advertising things for sale. At home, you can fix one above your desk to write the usual to-dos or in the kitchen to remember your favourite receipts. They integrate easily in various spaces (hallways, dining areas, working places). Made light materials – cork, plastic,wood -, the boards keep the information at the ready in meeting spaces.

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Cork and white straps

This board adds dynamism to the working area. You can fix your timetable, notes and photos on it, making a vivid collage right above your desk. The white straps arranged in concentric rhombs create interesting visual effects. Besides photos, the owner of this desk hung garlands, medals and souvenirs; it really looks like a memory corner!

Hexagons, rhombs & squares

I know that the usual cork board comes cut in rectangle, but there are many other shapes that you can try at home. Hexagons grouped by three, squares, rhombs and even arrow-shaped panels. They add dynamism to the space and surprise the guests. This design provides long-lasting service and prevents warping. Most of the time, cork is 0.8mm thick with an 8.5mm backing. Pushpins and tacks penetrate easily and hold firmly.

Golden frames for a touch of glam

Do you want to create a corner that both informs and captivates? Then take a common cork board and frame it with a fascinating case: golden with various patterns, silvery with shinny insertions or the patchwork style with colourful textiles. Thus, you will transform the ordinary bulletin board into an attractive picture.