Fidget spinners are the new must-have toys. By now, you’ve likely heard about fidget spinners, the latest craze in anxiety relief and children’s toys, a Venn diagram that includes coloring books, slime, kinetic sand, and this weird Chinese hacky sack, and somehow keeps growing. The current must-have toy craze has something extra to offer besides being colorful, inexpensive, simple to operate, and ubiquitous — it’s supposed to help children focus.

A fidget spinner is a small toy, in the top family, that can be spun between a user’s thumb and middle finger. Ball bearings can keep the toy whirring for several minutes. Most of the 20 pages of fidget spinners for sale on Amazon say they reduce stress. Others even claim to be “perfect for ADD, ADHD, anxiety and autism.” Enjoy our collection and buy it right now!

1. SteamPunk Spinners ALUMINUM Fidget Spinner PHAT BOY Deluxe!- $119.00

What makes this spinner unique is its form factor and simplicity. This might just be the most comfortable spinner out there. Emphasis on most comfortable. The huge/heavy brass button and light aluminum body makes it a great spinner for throwing/catching and straight fidgeting, the body accelerates easily due to how light the aluminum is, which lets you easily flick your fingers and change spin directions rapidly. The aluminum leaves a bit to be desired though. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with this spinner. On one hand it’s light and super comfortable, on the other hand I want the body to be heavier. But I know that if it was heavy then throwing it around wouldn’t be as easy as it is now. The spin times aren’t great on this because the body is so light, like a minute or so. I’ve been looking into the copper one as well because of this. But this is a true fidgeters spinner that likes to be tossed around and that’s primarily what I do with it I throw it from hand to hand and I throw it up in the air and catch it. I have many spinners but I find my hands like to return to this all the time. It’s just so satisfying to hold and so fun. It has such a unique form factor that nothing else on the market touches it. Small, yet THICK, light, and a big button, basic symmetrical design that just looks and feels “perfect”. can stand on its legs. This is a true gem.

2. MixMart Fidget Hand Spinner Perfect For ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children, Time Killing and Holiday Gift $45.99 

This fidget spinner is so unique and different than most. It has a heavier feel than most, which keeps it from wobbling all over the place and allow it to steadily spin for a longer period of time. I love the design as it looks so beautiful as it spins. This can spin and spin for so long without stopping. It comes beautifully packaged in a box that allows you to store it away safely. I

Fidget spinners are the latest ‘it’ toy for playgrounds across the world.

3. VALTCAN Titanium Hand Spinner Fidget Toy (Titanium) $140.00

New spinner gyro scope from Valtcan Titanium with average spin times well over 2+ minutes. Light and super fast spinning. The 3 extra bearings add to fidgetablity of spinner when holding in hand and can be used as a type of worry stone. Lots of cutouts for Tritium insert customization. Fully customizable with the included disassembling tool that looks like a square piece of steel. Just unscrew caps and use the tool for dissassembly by twisting inner cap counter clockwise. This spinner uses an un-shielded hybrid ceramic bearing so it may be ‘noisy’ for some.
If you want to break a bad habit, calm down from Anxiety, Stay Awake On Long Car Drives, Etc. this spinner is made for you. Lightweight, long and silent spinning provides the perfect solution for all of the above. Feel how good it is to spin in one hand, and link to new habit/action and thoughts.
Example – have a strong urge to eat junk food? Just take this little spinner out and concentrate on spinning it while taking consistent rhythmic breathes until the spinner stops. If urge to eat junk food continues, repeat process until urge is gone.

4.Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro i5, Carbon $47.89

The infinity i5 Pro Fidget Spinner has arrived. This premium hand spinner is engineered with the smoothest pure R188 bearings for a super smooth and quiet spin lasting up to 5 minutes! This fidget toy is rendered with a beautiful golden finish and made from brass. It is super durable and easy to clean and maintain for many years to come. Suitable for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or yourself this fidget spinner will provide a soothing and calming relief for your mind. It is small and ergonomically designed so it can fit easily into your pocket as you carry it around throughout your day. The weight and balance of this spinner has been precisely engineered to give you an extremely smooth spin and an incredible satisfying feeling. Material: Brass (gold), Copper (rose gold) or Stainless Steel (silver) with Superior R188 Bearings

5. VHEM Fidget Spinner Toy Premium Hand Spinner Titanium up to 5min High Speed Relieves Stress and Anxiety EDC Toy For Adults $89.99

Perfect fidget toy to keep your hands busy or to just play with. It feels nice in the hands and it is silent so you won’t be bothering anybody.