Warehouse conversions are among the most exciting conversion projects. They are spacious and often present a set of challenges to overcome before they can become a livable space. Warehouse conversions are more prevalent than you may think. Many warehouse conversions mix old with the new. The following examples showcase fabulous ways to inject modern touches into raw landscapes of concrete and steel, elevating former industrial sites into elegant, if not totally glamorous, private abodes. Enjoy our collection of 3 Amazing Warehouse Conversions!

1. Amazing Warehouse conversion in Barcelona

What was once stables, a bomb shelter and then a print shop is now a modern loft located in Barcelona, Spain. Completely transformed and renovated by developers and designers of urban lofts Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira with the help of interior design studio Minim, the large rectangular loft is split in two levels for a total footage of 8,600 sq ft! The original brick walls are now exposed, and the high concrete ceilings make this loft truly magnificent!

2. Amazing Bakery Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne by Jackson Clements Burrows

Melbourne-based architectural firm Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) transformed this former bakery and warehouse into an expansive and elegant family home.
This project began in 2006 as a residential warehouse fit-out of the former Golden Crust Bakery in Armadale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. According to the architects, “The building was in a state of serious deterioration and under threat of demolition as it was not protected by any heritage overlays.” However, the clients were attracted to the building and its potential to meet the accommodation requirements for their large family. The original building fabric was retained and an extensive interior scheme was developed which engaged with the industrial history of the building. A new bridge was inserted which connected the two primary buildings providing a social connection between separated spaces.”

3. A Warehouse Turned Into a Home in Melbourne, Australia

This warehouse was refurbished to make it fit to be a family home. Located in the suburbs of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, this old building, of an industrial style with a brick-covered exterior, has a pleasant surprise inside. A beautiful interior welcomes us, with simple but tasteful décor where each piece is an important part of a whole, allowing energy to flow through the space in a positive way. The living room is a relaxing space of natural simplicity that invites us to spend time with family and friends.