Are you looking for a trendy makeup organizer? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Selected from the most fashionable websites, the items below feature ingenious storing systems that accommodate easily in powder rooms, bedrooms or hallways. This is because designers usually opt for neutral colours and clear materials that transform the makeup organizer in an almost ‘invisible’ accessory. But, do not worry! The kit is palpable, always there when you want to be the queen of the party. Made of transparent plexiglass, the boxes are of light weight and have many little drawers. Thus, you can access any jewel, eye shadow or lipstick in a second, without messing them around. In fact, ‘discipline’ is key if you want to keep your makeup storage functional. From trays with removable dividers and boxes with drawers to stylish cabinets and heart shaped organizers, you have a wide variety of combinations to explore!

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A very helpful makeup organizer

In the bathroom, hung by the door, this little cabinet is stylish and very useful. Shelves were fixed on both sides, thus offering multiple solutions for storing items. From shampoo and body milk bottles to tiny recipients with nail polish remover or perfume, there is space for everyone! When you close the cabinet, the look is clear and neat. Good to know: to clean use soapy water.

It is the dream of any girl to have a makeup organizer like those and fill it with personal makeups. If you like this article, you can also visit 25 Chic Makeup Vanities from Top Designers.

Makeup storage with modular systems

I like these transparent boxes that offer visibility to my entire collection of cosmetics. As you probably know, many are hand crafted from crystal-clear acrylic and thus very easy to integrate in any corner. The UV-resistant material prevents yellowing. I usually ‘book’ one level foe jewels, while keeping the rests for cosmetics and perfumes. Buy from here.

Drawers with faceted pulls

This is the jewelry or makeup storage I’ve been dreaming about. The crystal-clear acrylic drawers keep the items visible and organized. Buy from here.

Why do women and girls wear makeup? It is a form of self-expression and character. And so is the ‘corner’ where you organise your beauty instruments. Put them in drawers, boxes, glasses or pots to express tidiness. Extrapolating, this is a sign of a peaceful mind. Buy one from here

Brush holder

Brushes stay very well in a glass, but they are even more pampered in a soft medium of plastic bubbles. If you want some colorful effects, add decorative stones inside. Amazing storage idea. Buy from here.

A very functional makeup organizer! Useful for every woman! Purchase one from here.

This white leather holder is very stylish and elegant. It fits perfectly in an exquisite bedroom or powder room near a crystal vase.

Rotating makeup organizer

Do you have a lot of nail polishes and get confused what to pick for your next manicure? Then this lovely rotating organizer will help you solve the problem. Displayed on 3 round levels, the items are visible and very accessible.

Most of the producers choose transparent plexiglass for organisers, but you can also find them in pink or blue. If this spot of colour is not enough, add pearls or bubbles inside.

On top, the perfumes! I love them all!

Every drawer with a specific destination: one for nail polishes, another for eye shadows and pencils and so on. Stay stick to this ‘statement’ and you will have all the items well organised.

Baskets for hair accessories

Hair bows, clips, headbands and many other hair ties can be stored in tiny baskets. Fix the baskets on a rotating system and you will access them easily. You can put the pencils and the brushes in the middle.

If you do not want to show your collection to everyone, look for dividers that integrate perfectly in drawers.