Some of us are already experiencing summer, and some of us are still only dreaming of it. In any case, a virtual vacation to an awesome beach house can be had by anyone with a computer screen and an internet connection, thanks to us. Take your pick — Australia, Peru or California — this list is a well-researched collection of the 10 The Best Beach Houses Worldwide. Whether off a cliff, on a dock in the middle of the ocean, or on a private island, don’t hesitate to daydream awhile or start planning your vacation immediately. With decorating ideas and inspiration, expert tips and advice, and our furnishings picks and recommendations, you’ll find everything you need to pull off the relaxed vibe at your home away from home—or even your home itself.

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Suburban Beach House by David Barr + Ross Brewin

This modern residence is a 2012 project by David Barr + Ross Brewin located in Perth, Australia. It provides the year-round livability of a suburban habitat with the easygoing charm of a beachfront holiday home. The house is situated in an place that is rapidly loosing it’s heritage significance through a wave standard suburban development that fails to acknowledge the area’s unique cultural and built traditions. For example, the previously approved planning application on the site was for a 250m2, 3 bedroom house, + 2 car garage and swimming pool (despite the beach being only a few hundred meters away).  The house was rendered brick with a tiled roof, and sat on a flattened site, retained with a 2m high wall; a house typical of the inappropriate new housing being built in the area. Instead, our project aims to celebrate and reinterpret the humble materiality, scale and form of nearby weatherboard and fibro beach shacks that once defined the area and work with the looseness and informality of the existing urban form of the area. Unlike most of the new houses in the street, the project is left unfenced at the front. This lack of rigid demarcation of the front and side boundaries, offers the street a natural limestone outcrop as visual amenity and appreciation of the terra firma. It is a suburban beach house for Coogee as much as it is for the clients. [photos]

The Sunshine Beach House by Wilson Architects

The Sunshine Beach House is an elegant private residence located in Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia. It was completed in 2012 by Wilson Architects.

Beach House By Cibinel Architecture on the coast of Victoria Beach, Canada

Houses by the sea have something very special, or at least, it is so for lovers of the sea. The idea of sitting in front of it, relaxing, listening to the waves breaking upon the shore, enjoying the salty smell, it all makes us dream and disconnect from the world… at least for a moment. Our dreams are a reality in this beautiful house designed by Cibinel Architecture on the coast of Victoria Beach, Canada, an exclusive place for nature lovers.
During its design, an attempt was made to integrate both the interior and the exterior of the house with its surrounding environment. The result is a clear success.
Outside, a wonderful wooden terrace with chairs arranged alongside it invites us to enjoy some spectacular views.
The walls on the front of the house that faces the sea were made of glass, which allows natural light to fill the interior during daylight hours. It also has the added benefit of allowing us to enjoy the wonderful view of the sea.

Beach House in Las Arenas by Javier Artadi Arquitectos

Lima-based studio Javier Artadi Arquitectos has designed this 2,300 square foot contemporary beach house in Las Arenas, a hundred miles south of Lima, Peru.

Beach House Iruveli – Maldives

Hidden in the northern most atoll of the Maldives, Beach House Iruveli offers a 5 star level of serenity unsurpassed and unparalleled luxury to the discerning few.
This idyllic retreat sits on an exclusive 35 acre private island fringed by powder white beaches and a jungle filled interior. [photos]

Modern Beach House in Western Australia

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects has recently completed this coastal holiday house in Western Australia. Located at Florida Beach, only one hour from Perth, the home design emphasizes and focuses on the immense Indian Ocean.
All space is aligned and extruded through a strict dialog of plan and section revealing the intensity and variety of this great ocean. Constructed almost entirely of plantation pine timber, prefabricated and transported to Florida, the raw structure appeared like the carcass of a great whale. The use of steel is minimised to a few select areas where thin columns support the dense undulating roof creating tension in the context of the ocean view. The hovering platform is finished with recycled Jarrah and continues between the interiors and exterior as one large plane, the holiday experience unfolds on this platform. Finished internally with Whittle Wax and externally with Sikkens oil, this platform will slowly reveal the marks of the beach and holiday lifestyle.

A Beach House in Kailua, Hawaii

Kailua Beach House is a residential project designed by H1+FN Design Build Collaborative. It is located in Kailua, Hawaii, USA.


Hariri & Hariri Architecture Designs a Beach House in Cape Cod, Massachussetts

Cape Cod Beach House is a private home located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. It was designed by Hariri & Hariri Architecture. This 2400 Sqft. Beach House is located at the far end of the geographically exquisite Provincetown, on a dune facing a salt marsh and a mile-long stone breakwater. It is a two-story structure with 3 bedrooms, loft like living/dining/kitchen areas, large terrace and covered balcony spaces above. The contours and curvature of the land combined with the city’s 23 ft. height limit were used to develop a snug, intimate relationship between the architecture and the site.
Upon arrival one enters a one story sculptural volume wrapped in wood. It is faceted like a piece of rock as if it was just washed to the shore by the ocean. A glass-bridge structure connects a guest suite at the entry to the master suite over a double height living room down below. The master bedroom is wrapped in Ipe wood on walls, ceiling & floor with clear views of the beach. It is the master bathroom however that is very special, intimate, warm and almost a Swedish sauna-like with the jewel-like Crystalline Bath tub and sink facetted just like the space itself.

Bark Design Architects Create a Sunny Beach House in Queensland, Australia

Red Rock Beach House is a private home located in Queensland, Australia. Completed in 2013, it was designed by Bark Design Architects.

Celebrating its natural, coastal setting, the house provides its occupants with an inextricable link to the landscape and the Red Rock headland. Exploring ideas of lightness, layers of transparency and integrating indoor / outdoor living, this house is a simple series of stepped timber platforms that enable a contemporary coastal lifestyle to unfold within a very special landscape.
Ocean views and connection to the landscape are enhanced from every platform where family and friends enjoy the comfort of casual luxury in the subtropics – a authentic contemporary Australian beach house.

Beach House by Pinheiro Martinez Arquitetura

Beach House is a project completed by Pinheiro Martinez Arquitetura. The contemporary home is located in Bahia, Brazil. This house has contemporary design with a nautical theme.
Located in the north coast of Bahia, Brazil, the house was designed with a contemporary yet tropical style with the purpose of being a family refuge to rest. With five bedrooms and a spacious living area, it has plenty of space for the owner’s family and friends to enjoy. The idea behind the project was to design a rich and colorful house with lots of beach related elements that could translate a relaxing and cozy environment. The best feature of the house is the gourmet area where everyone gathers most of the day to enjoy the pool and nature after a well spent time at the beach.”

Alvarez Beach House by Longhi Architects

Lima-based practice Longhi Architects has designed the Alvarez Beach House. Completed in 2010, this 6200 square foot, five story, contemporary beach house is located in Misterio Beach, 72 miles (117 kilometers) south of Lima, Peru. Alvarez Beach House is located on a cliff of Playa Misterio, a gated beach community 117 Km. south of Lima. With vehicular and pedestrian access at approximately 50 meters over sea level, Alvarez Beach House was the answer to specific program requirements given by the client, a successful surgeon with a large family.
The social area of the house was placed near the entry, occupying two levels while accommodations for children and parents were organized in two parts: the two levels above the social area were designated for the boys and their guests and 3 levels below social area for the parents, girls and their guests. Swimming pool and recreational facilities were located at lower levels occupying a series of terraces designed to connect the house with the ocean.”