A summer house is a place where you simply want to forget about daily worries. I know this is a privilege that few of us can afford, but from time to time, wishful thinking has its benefits too. It reminds you of the bare, essential truths: take a deep breath and enjoy several days off, find your inner self, disconnect from the urban chaos. This and many other inspirational ‘drives’ are to be discovered below. We’ve selected contemporary luxurious projects realized by famous architects and designers. From magnificent views and hot gadgets to exquisite finishings and infinite pools, the residences are unbelievable lost paradises.

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Summer House on the Island of Syros in Greece

Block722 designed Residence in Syros I in 2014. Situated in the island of Syros, in Greece, this summer house hosts a couple and their guests. The main intention was to unify the various spaces of the house under one roof facing the Aegean, without creating a massive volume. The entrance is in the back, following a gentle descent through continuous miniature courtyards.

Summer House Vestfold 2 by JVA

Norvegian studio Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (JVA) completed the Summer House Vestfold 2 project in 2009. This single level summer house is located in Vestfold, a county in Norway. The house replaces an older building at the site. The building adjusted to the terrain, both in terms of shape, material and color in order to get the planning permit.

Summer house Lagnö by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Summerhouse Lagnö is a private residence located in Lagnö, Sweden, and was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. Thus, the interior is bright and airy, with a pale color palette and a fresh atmosphere.

Summer House in Southern Burgenland by Judith Benzer Architektur

Vienna-based studio Judith Benzer Architektur designed the Summer House in Southern Burgenland.
The cellar contains rooms for wine storage and production. The aboveground rooms are for residential use. The projecting team used ferroconcrete for the construction of the cellar. In conclusion, it features a raw natural look.

Minimalist architecture complements the landscape. As a result, the connection between them is very strong.

Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter Design a Home in the Forest in Sweden

Designed by Krupinski/Krupinska, this house sits in a very quite place. Each bed faces a window that looks out into the trees. Also, the chairs in the main room overlook a path away from the house and out into nature.

Also, this wonderful house enjoys a splendid landscape nearby.

Summerhouse Denmark by JVA

JVA completed this summer house in New Zealand, Norway. According to the architects: The circulation area is the outdoors. The houses sit in a star shape, in order to provide different outdoor spaces where guests find shelter from the wind. The ridge and cornice of the houses are on the same height, while the width and length vary. As a result, this makes a playful composition in relation to the surrounding summer houses.

Sinas Architects Design a Stunning Summer House in Sérifos, Greece

Summer House 2 is a residential project designed by Sinas Architects in 2008. We found it in Sérifos, Greece.

Summer House Overlooking the Mediterranean

GEM Architects designed this summer house in Limni, Greece. The summer house consists of four separate buildings. The main house is a two storey volume while all the rest remained single storey high. Situated in the north upper side of the lot, they follow the landscape’s morphology. Thus, they give the overall impression of a small settlement. Moreover, the volumes meander among the trees, creating small sheltered courtyards that enjoy privacy and beautiful sea views.

The main house, exteriorly lined with stone, refers to similar traditional buildings. Crude white plaster finished the other three peripheral volumes. Furthermore, everything works to create a bio-climatically friendly design.

The small courtyards shaded by wooden pergolas work as buffering zones from the sun and rain. The system of limited openings allows for natural ventilation throughout.

Summer House by Marte.Marte Architects

This structure, located in Weiler, Austria, was a farm house. Marte.Marte Architects remodelled it. A stunning landscape full of green hills and beautiful houses surrounds it. In its interior, the most predominant material is wood, covering both the floors and the ceiling. For the walls, the projecting team used glass. From the terraces arranged at each of the levels, we can enjoy not only the views, but also the good weather.

Scandinavian Design: Summer Home in Denmark

We found this radiant summer home in Rågeleje, Denmark. The home’s dark exterior helps it stand out from its lush green surroundings. Finally, white interiors emphasise its function as a place of relaxation.