The rustic look has become more and more appealing nowadays. Those who want to enjoy modern facilities but also miss grandma’s cozy kitchen, search for inspiration in traditional homes. Spotted on Romanian designer Adela Parvu’s blog, the house below features harmonious interiors flooded by natural light that also feel fresh and functional. Although many are willing to embrace the rustic look, they usually fear the house will look outdated, crammed, impractical. But this is no longer the case. With a bunch of smart tips and an adequate palette of colors, your home will look fantastic.

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Cane accessories

The most versatile material of a rustic look is cane. Flexible and soft, it serves for baskets, containers, table holders, pendants. Available in a wide sorts of nettings, cane introduces warmth in your house. The baskets are perfect for fruits, pastas, vegetables, bread and biscuits. Also, they can hold pots with flowers or herbs.

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Rustic look and classic furniture

Does it sound strange? It is not strange at all! As you can easily notice, the living room above breathes a rustic air, while also relying on classic elegance. Roman curtains, sumptuous armchairs and a lamp with ceramic holder add charm to the room. I very much enjoy the palette of colors. Beige, light brown, yellow and creamy ivory blend amazingly. A golden vase or a mirror frame would add a touch of glam to the interior.

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Wicker Paper Plate Holders

Popular items, the wicker plate holders are made of flexible, strong PP material. Plate holders, which work in conjunction with paper plates, can be washed and re-used time and time again. They look very good near ceramic plates and silvery cutlery. Are you looking for ideas to organize a memorable dinner for your friends? The setup above might be a starting point.

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Living rooms that feature windows on two sides of the room are flooded by natural light all day long. A corner sofa is an option when you want to take advantage of the space. It provides a lot of ‘sitting’ for everybody – family and friends!

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Textiles in natural colors

Earth, clay, sand and the warm touch of the sun — who wouldn’t love to have them inside? Play with various textiles to create these feelings inside: wool, cotton, felt and even velvet can serve the cause with grace. I love comfy large sofas with many pillows and soft blankets nearby.

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The bedroom of my dreams

Well, let’s start with the king size bed here. Although many people ignore this aspect, the height of your bed matters. It should correlate with your height and adjust accordingly if you’re fairly short or tall. Also, the overall atmosphere should transmit tranquility in a sleeping room. Flowers, books, baskets and pillows are there to meet your needs.

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Reading bench by the window

One of the most wonderful corners of the house…a lovely bench with storing areas underneath was built by the window. The inhabitants relax admiring the trees or read sitting on comfy pillows. The Roman curtains are just perfect for this décor.

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Vintage writing desk

I know, nowadays wiring desks are considered rare birds. However, this couple wanted to have one in their own bedroom. Slim and elegant, the desks features two cases on both sides and a very solid iron structure. Look for vintage items if you want to add personality to the space. Vintage items of furniture complement amazingly with oil canvases, brown and beige drawings or sepia photos. Not to mention copper lamp or brass decorations.

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Smooth communication between spaces

To avoid the feeling of a crammed space, get rid of unnecessary walls and doors. For example, the one delimiting the kitchen and the dining room. Most of the contemporary interiors nowadays share one open floor for those two. Here, the connection resulted from one single type of parquet used for flooring. Moreover, the textiles and the items of furniture complement harmoniously.

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Details that add personality to a house…in this kitchen, the Italian flavors feel in an instance! Colored pasta in big transparent jars, bottles of olive oil in wicker baskets and wooden utensils represent the ingredients for an Italian kitchen.

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Dining with style

A quite simple dining received an elegant touch with a vintage cabinet. Although not in the focal area of the room, the cabinet is indeed out of the ordinary, recalling a traditional Provencal house. Put some greenery here and there and you will enliven the space immediately. I also love the long tablecloth — it transforms the dining into a lovely space.

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The island is both working and storing space. A kitchen in white is nothing to be afraid of! It makes the space look wider, while also reflecting the natural light. Here and there, add colors: flowers, herbs, greenery, decorations. The pendants featuring transparent glass bulbs add a contemporary charm to the kitchen.