Birch trees wallpapers are very trendy nowadays. Spotted on, the collection below features a wide range of lively forests to animate your place. They are perfect for both living and bedroom, but also feel comfortable in a reading corner or behind the desk. What do they transfer to a space? First of all, an infusion of naturalness. While many contemporary interiors rely on white, clinic backgrounds, a home with wallpapers will feel out of the ordinary. Extended on large surfaces, the covers transform the space completely sending the inhabitants to wonderland. Moreover, they have therapeutic effects. Taking a fantastic walk amongst birch trees before going to bed is relaxing. Calm down four sense, a specialist would say. Secondly, birch trees wallpapers are ideal ingredients for makeovers. They are usually printed onto an adhesive backed fabric that can be removed, repositioned and reused over and over again. They do not leave any residue on your walls and are perfect for Do It Yourself room remodels without the troubles of traditional wallpaper.

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Birch trees in your bedroom

A contemporary interior with simple items of furniture becomes more lively with a natural background. The winter landscape adds personality to the space and complements beautifully with wooden furniture. In conclusion, if you want to go back to essential roots, explore the benefits of nature at home.

Minimalist reading corner

When I ‘dive’ into a book, I usually need a pure background around. A comfy armchair, a functional floor lamp, a tidy carpet, a serene wall or wallpaper. This is exactly the case with the setup above, a welcoming, neat area for readers that want to have their mind cleared.

We suggest you should opt for self adhesive, removable wallpapers to make your work easier.  Thus, you will be able to change the look of a room without troubles.

Birch trees silhouettes and birds in a modern layout

The art of living in the bedroom

I am not sure how many of you are aware of the fact that sleep matters. It might sound foolish, but you have to remember this from time to time. I’ve recently discovered how much the environment influences our ‘hibernation’. Find the colors and textures that calm your senses, and you will enjoy life more. The bedroom above features a pastel theme: white, ivory, light grey and violet mix in a dreamy composition. The print behind the bed animates the bedroom.

Drawings with colored spots

Most of the wallpapers are photos extended to large scales. However, drawings, paintings or other types of artistic expressions work for wallpapers. Thus, you animate the interior with birds, cages, butterflies, flowers etc.

Memories, smiles, happiness

What do you say about a tree with photos? You simply attach a paper with a tree to your wall and fix the frames on the branches. The photos will be easily noticed if you opt for a nude, white or black tree. I would plant a tree with photos in the hallway or in children’s room.

A pink infusion for a romantic touch in an all-white bedroom

A fresh background for the dining area

Are you a big fan of de-constructivism? Then, try the modern pattern above!

An infinitely pure bedroom with books, flowers, candles and serenity

Playful? What about a tree with monkeys saying hello or smiling? The wallpaper would fit amazingly in your children’s room so go for it!

A delicate wallpaper with trees and a cute deer nearby makes this room welcoming. I also love the insertions of raw, pure wooden pieces of furniture.

Wallpapers integrate beautifully in waiting rooms.

A classy room feeling tranquil and serene