Decorating your home is an extensive feat that requires a mix of insight and personal taste. After all, your home is exactly that: your home. Everyone is always looking for new ways to convey their tastes regardless of what they’re into. It could be owning several flashy pieces to display your interests, or it could be one singular standout article that you feel embodies your personality. Regardless of the form, everyone expresses themselves in some manner. That’s where our multifaceted product, Oriental rugs, come into play. These handcrafted beauties, each with their own styles, history and craft, come in many incarnations that can fit into any home. The people at are happy to share with you a few on a long list of reasons that you should add an Oriental or Persian rug to your home.

1. Flexibility

For an Oriental rug, “adaptable” is an intrinsic quality. This comes in many forms: color, size, style, presentation. That isn’t tethered to only an Oriental rug either—other brands, such as Persian rug or Indian, likewise holster this adaptability.

2. Complete Originality

You know all those products on the market try to sell themselves as “completely original”, when they’re in fact just put together in a machine automated factory? Well, this is never the case when it comes to Oriental rugs. We mean it when we say it: every single Oriental rug is 100% handcrafted knot by knot, dye for dye over a several months’ process! Because of this, no two Oriental rugs are ever the same—even carpets that belong to the same style!

3. Contrast vs. Sync

Think of Contrast and Sync as “Opposite and Similar”. For Contrast, you’re adding the Opposite of what’s been normally existing in an environment for appeal. For Sync, you’re adding Similar items to what’s been normally existing in an environment for appeal. Easy to understand, no? This approach is one that’s commonly practiced in the world of Interior Design without even being knowledgeable in the topic—people usually just pick what they think is aesthetically pleasing.
In terms of an Oriental hand knotted rug, this approach can take many forms. You could get a carpet that has deep reds and vibrant hues that add a Contrast against the light tone of your living room. Alternatively, you could order a rug that has muted tones and dyes that Sync right up with your living room’s taste. Either way, the choice is completely yours!

4. Stylized

You know how we mentioned every single Oriental rug is completely handmade? Because of this, different methods of creation and styles have been born. Oriental rugs are versatile for several reasons—their different stylistic approaches stand at the top of this quality. If you’re wondering what styles are at your disposal to choose, here are but a few:
• Kazak
• Kashan
• Tabriz
• Serapi
• Heriz
• Oushak
• Peshawar
• …and many more
Each of these styles have their own designs, their own approaches to color, their own formats of size. If you’re looking for a piece with grand motifs but a held back color scheme, try an Oushak or a Peshawar! Maybe you’re looking for something with bright colors and thick, course designs—in that case, a Serapi or Heriz are right up your alley!

5. Wealth of History

History upon history upon history. All Oriental rugs have a wealth of history tacked behind their manifestation. Remember how we mentioned every Oriental rug has their own style? These styles consist of their own dates, from the last century to even 400 years prior! Try and imagine the amount of knowledge that’s built-up century after century in these rugs’ craft.

6. ….and Ancestry

A wealth of history leads into a lineage of ancestry. For 400 years, these pieces have remained constantly popular and sought after items. The methodology behind crafting Handmade rugs have remained consistent over the course of time. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Indian rugs—brand after brand have been established as time has gone on. If that’s not enough to entice you, think of it this way: every single one of these carpets, regardless of brand or style, has a story to be told. Each style has had its forging in its own villages, its own towns, and kept that namesake for century after century. The manner of weave, the type of design, the dyes utilized—every single characteristic has its own tale baked into each fiber.

7. Long Lasting and Authentic

What if I told you all this ancestry and history is baked into the Oriental rug itself? That point may have been clear prior, but not necessarily in a literal manner. What am I trying to say? Well, consider this: all Oriental rugs are built to last. When I say “last”, I’m not saying ten, maybe twenty or thirty years. No, Oriental rugs last generations.
That ancestry and history isn’t singularly hinged on the rug’s tradition of craft. The rug’s ancestry and history likewise comes from its long-lasting composition. From this composition, the rug can be passed down again and again and again, standing the test of time for as long as you could imagine.