luxurious house is insanely beautiful. Spotted on, the residence below features generous spaces, ingenious interiors, high-end finishes and a bunch of exquisite decorations that provoke both admiration and envy. Do you know which words describe this experience best? Extravagance, opulence, richness, comfort, glory. All of them are equivalent with an abundant state of living, a so-called bed of roses. But, do not be disappointed if you do not experience a similar habitat at home. Resize the scale, pick what is compatible with your home, free your mind! A stylish chandelier transforms the living into a royal saloon, a fine carpet makes the stepping delightful, a transparent glass wall connects you with the sky. These and many more are key to fancy livings. Explore the gallery and tell us if you enjoyed the project.

private residence g designrulz (1)

Infinite low sofa

Cuddle into this amazing low level sofa that almost swallows the living. Elegant, comfy and very gentle, it dominates the interior, while also offering space for relaxation. I find very interesting the way it delimits the space too. Instead of building a wall to separate the areas, install a splendid item of furniture and you will obtain a surprising aesthetic effect. The areas will communicate easily. You will experience an airy, uncluttered atmosphere.

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Constellation chandelier

When looking for decorations or items of furniture that make a statement in your luxurious house, visit several contemporary art galleries or museums. Dreamy, fairy-like, the constellation chandelier above is like a poem. It invites you to admire, reflect, cherish every moment. Resembling an artistic installation, this piece became the focal point of the room. What impressed me is that it encourages you to look up, to exercise the vertical attention and forget the daily worries. In fact, this is the luxury of life…

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Wood, the never ending story

I cannot imagine a home without wood. Be it a luxurious house, a glam residence or a high-end, trendy crib. Wood warms the interiors, connects you with the nature, enhances the coziness and also adds a certain wilderness to a place. In this living room, a slim niche under the TV set was filled with pieces of wood. As a result, the ‘decoration’ introduces a sample of wasteland inside. Also, the pieces of wood dialogue smoothly with the tall cactus above.

private residence g designrulz (4)

Zebra rug

I have to admit I am not a big fan of them. Having the image of a skinned dead animal in mind is not among my guilty pleasures. But, many people find it beautiful and comfortable. The prints are available in a wide range – zebra, lion, tiger etc – and mix beautifully with a wood flooring. In this bathroom, the rug was positioned near the tub. Quite unusual, wood abounds in this bathroom, accentuating the jungle feeling of the room.

private residence g designrulz (5)

Modular sofas allows various combinations and setups. They are comfy and perfect for large gatherings with family and friends. By the window, they offer you the possibility to admire the outdoor or the courtyard. Mix different colors and prints for a chic, pattern like effect.

private residence g designrulz (6)

Storing at its best

Indeed, there are a lot of solutions to store smartly, but when you build floor to ceiling cabinets, you picked the brightest of them all. In this kitchen, almost everything hides behind white, lacquered doors. As a result, the room feels airy, elegant, precious. The working area was positioned in the middle, on an island.

private residence g designrulz (7)

The clean aesthetic repeats in every room, thus creating harmony and cohesion between spaces. Here, a low sofa and two generous armchairs make the environment relaxed and welcoming. Also, an oversized pendant lamp became the focal point of the room. A tall niche filled with pieces of wood brings the savage feeling inside.

private residence g designrulz (8)

Do not neglect the transit spaces

You know that every detail matters. Do not neglect the hallway and any other transit space in your house. A vase with flowers or greenery, a beautiful paneling to cover the heating system … and you will change the atmosphere. The orchids last quite long and they are not so pretentious.

private residence g designrulz (9)

Looking for some glam in the bathroom? Silver or golden wallpapers or tiles are key. Boost the effect with several lighting spots. The metallic sink is one of the most exquisite items I have ever seen. I looks trendy, original and very stylish.

private residence g designrulz (10)

Aquatic decorations

Besides the aquarium effect at home, you also insert a lot of originality. Who paints giant jellyfishes in the kitchen? Imposing, almost overwhelming, the décor feels amazingly here. Highlight it with spots and a generous chandelier.

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No doubt this is a luxurious house — the infinity interior pool is a relaxation oasis. Facing a transparent glass wall, it connects the swimmers with the exterior.

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