Marble is the ultimate symbol of luxury, wealth and high class, which is no longer the privilege of royalty for their private homes. This beautiful stone can be used for residential projects, hotels, restaurants, housing estates. Because of its qualities and appealing look, marble can be applied to create both modern and extravagant look and antique, luxurious atmosphere reminiscent of Roman times and glory.

We are used to seeing natural stone tiles in spa centers, hotel bathrooms, as exterior decoration of modern business and residential buildings but not so much as interior highlights in a restaurant. This however is changing in the recent years and a fresh example is the cooperation between Natural Stone UK and the Swindon branch of Carluccio’s. The team at the restaurant simply fell in love with the white Carrara marble tiles, which were used as table and kitchen tops and highlights for the display cabinets. The work process was pleasant and expedient and the final results – amazing. Take a look.

How it started

The first step in any renovation is to choose the right stone and in this case the white Carrara marble tiles won over the other options. The qualities of this stone are numerous and it can be used as counters, vanity tops, wall and floor tiles and combines very well with almost all other materials – from other natural stone to wood, glass and even iron. As you can see below, it was an excellent solution for giving the kitchen a new look.

And the final result

The veined marble tiles create interesting patterns and the polished surface reflects the light in an amazing way making the place look even brighter and more welcoming to the customers. The chain has used natural stone in other of its branches as well and not only in the kitchen, so next time when you go dining, you will feel a bit more pampered than usual. You might even consider using white marble, grey granite or cream travertine tiles for your own home, office or café.