Classic interior design has the power to resist over time. Spotted on, the home below features one of the finest interiors I have ever written about. Soft textiles, light colours, precious decorations and an elegant way of putting all these items together make it absolutely amazing. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to say something surprising about classic interior design. We all know that, for example, furniture pays tribute to royal styles and tones want to be cool, yet exquisite and refined. If I were to summarise this aesthetic, I would say that harmony defines it wholeheartedly. You feel there is a strong cohesion between the elements and that the home emanates a deep feeling of tranquility. So, calm your senses while exploring the present collection!

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Floor lamps in the living room

I sometimes call them giraffes for their long necks, and cute abat-jour ‘faces’ overlooking the room. Although people tend to avoid them because they do not fit easily in any corner, they worth the pain. Due to their generous sizes, floor lamps need a wide space around. Crammed in a small area or installed in a room without a tall ceiling, they look dumb, useless.

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Living room with soft colours

When you see a setup like this, you feel it’s the typical classic interior design. A sofa with two armchairs in front of a simple coffee table touched by paste shades. For me, this is the perfect environment for relaxation, pleasure, recreation. It’s the easiest way to spend quality time with your family and friends. Do you want to know how to make this atmosphere at home? Choose armchairs and sofas with soft, pampering seats — they will make you feel very comfortable! Also, play with textiles: blankets, pillows, curtains in mono colours or romantic prints to sweeten the room.

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Luminosity is key

What else does a classic design interior need to feel complete? Nothing compares to the power and the good mood you obtain when you let the sun come inside all day long. If you are the lucky owner of a house/ apartment with tall ceilings, then you have the possibility to explore the natural light much more. Let the heavy curtains and the blackouts in the bedroom, and make the living a sunny room. Moreover, you will gain a strong connection with the exterior and you will feel protected by a natural landscape.

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Radiant bedroom with a twist

My image of heaven is a king size bed in my sleeping room. Most of us worry about clothes and dressings, powder tables, cabinets, wall mounting TV-sets or inspired paintings. For me, they all come after the sleeping sanctuary. If space permits, what do you say about a romantic tub nearby? It’s marvellous! In this case, the bedroom features a bathroom that can be accessed easily. Being so luminous, the room reflects tranquility and harmony.

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Classic interior design worships romanticism

Stability, clarity, a feeling of comfort, but also a charming touch — they all mix softly in this house. The bathroom assisting the bedroom is a corridor like room, with all the cabinets mounted on the right side. Enliven the space with a personal touch: perfumes in crystal bottles, fine natural soaps, cotton towels wrapped with a satin ribbon and a ceramic vase with flowers.

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Although space is limited in the bedroom, the owner wanted a writing desk by the window. One of the shelves serves as desk, being functional and very discreet. Also, the space above stores books, magazines, boxes and vases.

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Adapt the dining to a limited space

Do you feel uncomfortable eating in the kitchen? Then find a place for the supper nearby and decorate it accordingly. A tiny table and two Eames inspired chairs make this place adorable. I love the dreamy effect of the painting, as well as the tall cabinet with plates and glasses. If you do not have ideas for a classic interior design, then pick this one!

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Wood in the bathroom?

Absolutely! The common approach is that the tile goes perfectly in a bathroom. Indeed, but there is also a wide range of possibilities to cover and beautify the walls in your bathroom. Wood paneling, for example. It softens the look of the hard ceramic finishes and it gives the feeling of a natural warmth. Using wood in the bathroom enables a mix of elements to create depth and fervour across different materials and styles. For example, here, the bathroom would have looked cold and heartless without the wood paneling in the shower area. 

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Top 5 Classic interior design tips:

massive wood furniture, high quality textiles, pastel colours and paintings, discreet niches for books and decorations. I love the contrast between turquoise and beige — it’s like the symbiosis between the sea and the sand!

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A bedroom that is elegantly composed and pleasing to experience

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