2017 Calendars are must-have presents at the beginning of the New YearNo matter how common might this seem, offering a table with the days of each month and week in a year is both useful and funny. From edgy finishes to classic models, they are available in a wide range of colours, designs and materials. Most of them are ‘evergreen’; combining various elements smartly, designers succeeded in making perpetual calendars for all tastes. Thus, you can offer items that are perennial and very catchy. But reckoning time is also playful. Beside wise designs, there are many inspirational messages for calendars: start today, keep smiling, be filled with joy, add a little confetti to each day and so on. Put these small notes on them and they will change your mood immediately. First of all, explore the fabulous gallery below! Then, visit the links attached to buy your favourite products. 

MoMA  Perpetual Calendar

This bold original calendar is designed to be used year after year. It reminds me of the experiments we used to make during our Physics classes. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. Made for the MoMA Museum of plastic and magnets, it can be wall-mounted or used on a desktop. The package includes the wall mounting hardware too.

calendar 2017 (1)

Perpetual Puzzle Calendar

Paper calendars last only a year but this Puzzle Calendar lasts a lifetime. If you liked playing with blocks when you were a kid, you’re going to want this calendar on your desk now that you’re grown-up. It’s fun to find different ways of building it up. To get you started the Perpetual Puzzle Calendar comes with instructions of seven different examples of how you can put it together. Note that at the beginning of each month you will be forced to do a bit of puzzling; otherwise the dates and the days of the week will be out of whack.

calendar 2017 (3)


ZENS Wooden Block Daily Perpetual Calendar

This adorable vintage style perpetual calendar is the perfect addition to your desk. Easy to use, practical and stylish, the item represents an everlasting decorative piece. The small area on the back of the calendar is a self-creative space where you can put pens, pencils, flower pots or your mobile phone. It fits amazingly in Scandinavian interiors or in those featuring rustic flavours. 

calendar 2017 (5)

MoMA Arcylic Perpetual Calendar Black

This smaller version of MoMA’s popular perpetual calendar features an acrylic block that slides through a plastic frame to represent any month of any year. It is simple, elegant and it feels fantastic in a masculine interior. Perfect for business partners, the object fits in public spaces too.


Natico Perpetual Calendar

This polished silver perpetual calendar can be used forever. Featuring an unique, contemporary design, it is fun and functional. Just rotate the wheels to select the month, day of week and calendar. calendar 2017 (6)

MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar – CMYK

Are there crazy artists among your friends? Then take the calendar from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) product collection. Architects John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi designed the compellingly tactile cubes, each made of different natural, synthetic, or composite material. Size of cubes varies slightly, due to the unique nature of each material used.

calendar 2017 (2)

MyGift Wood Manual Sliding Calendar

Keep the day’s date within easy sight at all times with this useful and reusable desk calendar. Made of wood with a brown finish, this freestanding calendar features 3 horizontal bars that each come with words printed onto the wood in white ink. The first bar shows the days of the week, the second features the months of the year, and the third lists the numbered days of the month. Each bar also comes with a black metal frame with a small handle on the bottom. The frames are designed to slide along the bar and highlight the chosen day, month, and date. This clever design ensures that this freestanding calendar can be reused again and again, year after year. Just set this wooden calendar on your desk or counter-top, and you’ll always have the day’s date stylishly displayed for easy reference.

calendar 2017 (8)

Kikkerland 50 Year Calendar Paperweight (CAL50)

Find the day of the week for any future date up to 50 years from now by rotating the top disc. For Leap Year 2012 – line up January or February in the red letters on the calendar. List of leap years 2012 thru 2108. Stylish paperweight with non-skid bottom.

calendar 2017 (10)

Smithsonian Space 2017 Wall Calendar

This twelve month wall calendar has spacious grids, international holidays and moon phases. There are sections at the back of the calendar for emergency contact information and birthdays/anniversaries and a full-page 3-year at-a-glance. Earth friendly, printed with soya-based inks on FSC certified paper.

calendar 2017 (7)

That’s all, folks! Pick one of the 2017 calendars above and you will impress your friends with astonishing designs. Bold, functional, smart, catchy, attractive or amusing — you will find what matches their personality best.