holiday house is a true fairytale. Vacations at the countryside are among my favourite escapes. Embracing the rustic atmosphere, you disappear into a wild territory and discover the beauty of the essential things. The holiday house we spotted on features cozy interiors, attractive decorative items and many traditional insertions that enhance its authenticity. In design books, this would be normally translated with English country charm, the style of patterns and panelings. Known for its strength – in the sense that it is hard to replicate -, the design impresses with royal suggestions, elegant interiors and comfy corners. Explore the gallery and borrow the ideas that fit in your home too!

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The power of wood

When you say holiday house, you immediately think of wood. Durable, versatile, relaxing and flexible, the material has the power to transform any common interior into a cozy, warm place. Especially in English country houses, it is used almost everywhere: from vertical panelings and flooring to exposed beams and ceiling. In the picture above, wood covers the walls completely, while also serving as a principal material for flooring. I love the purity it transmits when painted in white: calming and very relaxing!

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Flowered wallpaper – romanticism in the bedroom

If you are a big fan of the wallpapers, then you’ve come to the right place. This style relies on patterns, the most predominant archetype being the exuberant blooming one. Facing the matrimonial bed, the flowered wallpaper creates a focal point in the area by contrast with an all-white interior. Vintage pieces of furniture accentuate the rustic charm of the holiday house.

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Overlooking the forest — nothing compares to a natural landscape!  

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A chair turned into a bedside table

Make the ordinary things shine again! Take a wooden chair, clean it carefully and paint it in a colour that complements the overall decor. Put it near your bed and you will have a beautiful table to hold you cup of tea and your books. I love its natural effect and the fact that the decor looks improvisational. As a result, you will always have the feeling that things might change any time.

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Decorating the attic…

It is not always easy. Due to its specific orientation and angles, the attic requires precise furnishings, additional sources of light and attention with decorations. This is because spaces on top are usually tiny and many ornaments will make it look even smaller. The picture above depicts an attic painted in white and grey – again, to enhance the spatiality -, animated by decorations and greenery. When possible, rely on symmetry because it gives a feeling of stability and strength.

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Shabby chic in the hallway

Most of the time, the hallway is neglected. Who cares about shoes, umbrellas and keys? But, even insignificant spaces have the power to change the atmosphere of your holiday home. Here, a rustic carpet made of colourful threads welcomes your guests. The wallpaper resembling a fine porcelain adds elegance to the corridor. Three clothes-pegs and a mirror in a white wooden frame are enough to say “hello” with style!

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Explore the terrace

Who needs generous spaces to enjoy a coffee with friends? This almost invisible terrace featuring a circular wooden bench is very welcoming! Put comfy pillows and some pots with flowers, and everything will be just perfect!

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Kitchen and dining in a holiday home

Sharing one open plan, the kitchen and the dining area feel extraordinary together. Keeping the rustic flavour as a dominant inspiration, the interior features a vintage dining set – a table with a bench and three chairs -, and a small area dedicated to cooking. Even those who visit the house for the very first time feel incredible relaxed here.

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Indeed, the English country house has something to do with fine porcelain. Are you looking for ideas for your Christmas after dinner tea? Then, try this layout: white candles, strawberries in crystal bowls and rose patterned porcelain! 

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This old stove is absolutely adorable! If you are the lucky owner of a similar piece, do your best to enliven its spirit and functionality. 

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Beauty resides in small pieces … like this super refined set of porcelain prepared for a wonderful dinner!

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Quite simple, this IKEA living room has all it needs to host inspiring gatherings with friends or family reunions afterwork. My favourite spots: the pile of books and magazines, the wicked basket, the collage of drawings and the natural wood flooring – try them at home too! Windows without curtains? As incredible as it might seem, it works here!

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No holiday home without fireplace

Element of class and elegance, the fireplace makes the interior warm and comfortable; vacations in the mountains require it wholeheartedly. It’s for wine and cinnamon by the fireplace, of course. The one above is an old reconditioned piece that communicates with the stove in the kitchen. Paint the bricks in white so to add elegance to the room and ‘forget’ some logs nearby to enhance the natural feeling of the decor.