When you live in a small modern apartment, say one of these apartments for rent in Denton, you want to organize space smartly.  Clothes, books, decorations, utensils have to be placed adequately so that your tiny environment does not feel overloaded. To obtain this, you should rely on built-in cabinets, open spaces, mirrors, transparent furniture and light colors. This crib we spotted on ok.ru features luminous interiors, furnished with modern items and exquisite ornaments that add a touch of glam. What impressed me from the very first beginning was the roomy, comfortable feeling you have while exploring the space. The areas communicate easily with each other, being a creative mix of good looks and functionality. Browse the gallery below and select the ideas that work in your small modern apartment too.

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Clear plastic chairs

The playful Louis Ghost Armchair by designer Philippe Starck is a postmodern mix of technical innovation and ancient style. Incorporating the varied lines and formal geometry of its predecessor into a single form of transparent polycarbonate, the Louis Ghost is a solid chair with a medallion backrest for leisurely comfort. We recommend transparent plastic furniture in a small modern apartment because the items integrate easily, being almost invisible.

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One open plan

When space is limited, concentrate all your needs in one open plan. Avoid walls, doors and parapets as much as possible and try to create an airy, welcoming environment. The most common solution in contemporary homes is to gather the kitchen, the dining and the living room in one open plan. The cooking area is usually displayed in a corner, in L or U-shaped space that offers privacy, while the dining set stays close to the sofa in the living room. In this apartment, the three ‘fields’ disclose in layers, one after another. To make the room diverse, play with many lighting objects. Spots, pendants, floor lamps and even a stylish candelabrum feel at home in a modern flat.

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An overall look demonstrates that the apartment feels airy and very functional. I like the colors because they are fine, harmoniously mixed and arranged so that to offer tranquility. Flowers add a boost of energy to the space.

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Floor to ceiling wardrobe

In fact, a hidden paradise. Who wouldn’t love to store everything in a place that closes with a finished beautiful door or a mirror? The closet in this living room occupies an entire wall, almost competing with the generous windows. Extended from floor to ceiling and having no trim, they form clear panels that complements with the aesthetic of the room. Floor to ceiling closets are great because they utilize every last centimeter of the available wall space. The only frustration you can get appears when you want to take the items that are stored on top.

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L-shaped sofa

Also known as sectional sofas, the L-shaped items are amazing in our living rooms. With a clever modular design and sometimes with a secret storage area, they create little paradises at home. In this apartment, it also functions as an instruments that demarcates the space between living and dining. Due to its generous dimensions, the sofa transforms the area into a home cinema when needed! That’s another reason you should take it into consideration when designing a small apartment. Rely on versatile items, with double functionality and on tricks that make the rooms look wider. Your crib will immediately change if you adopt these strategies!

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Focus on bed

In the sleeping room, the bed is the focal point. Integrated in a classic layout, it dominates the room and welcomes the inhabitants to relax. The wall behind features beige bricks and a central outline complementing the color of the bed. Simple and honest, the room has everything you need to recharge your batteries.

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When doors are open, a totally different universe shows up: the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, boxes, clothes, bags and many more can be stored behind the doors.

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The natural look

When I see a room ‘painted’ in beige, I immediately feel connected with nature. The color of sand and clay makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, while also having the power to enlarge the space. In this tiny bathroom, beige makes the most of it. To add dynamism, play with patterns or introduce two, three niches above the bathtub. Also, cabinets with mirrors are essential in small areas.

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Transparent glass parapets are the best solution in tiny spaces.

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Make the dining experience a wonderful one!

You don not need generous saloons to organize a fine dinner for your family and friends. This apartment proves it wholeheartedly that good taste goes beyond budgets. A white lacquered table accompanied by four transparent plastic chairs represents the gathering point. Accessorize it with blue and gold — for a royal dream and a touch of glam! The spot of light above makes the area look warm and very welcoming.