You say Nordic design and lots of ideas come to your mind. From ancient stoves with flowered tiles to contemporary steeled pendants, the style fits wonderfully in nowadays decors. Its flexibility and coziness adapts to various personalities while also letting space for original touches. What I most value in Nordic design is the feeling of purity: walls painted in white or light grey in the living room or pale blue cabinets and metro tiles in the kitchen are usually a “must-have”. They create a diaphanous space where the inhabitants feel relaxed and the guests welcomed wholeheartedly. But, what’s even more appealing to it is its joie de vivre. The furnishing items, the decorative objects, the textiles and all the details that contribute to the composition are connected to our souls. They usually have a story to tell or a concept to gravitate around. Take a look and pick what fits to your home too.

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Scandinavian ceramic stove

A classic Scandinavian style round ceramic stove fits in the corner of the room and it is very beautiful too. I love its flowered tiles as well as the contemporary attachment nearby: a low level table with a basket for wood. It is usually made of masonry such as brick (firebrick), soapstone, tile, stone, stucco, or a combination of materials. The stove is freestanding, and sometimes requires special support to bear its weight.

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Natural light in the living room

Is there anything more attractive? Enjoy your discussion time in a generous space flooded by natural light all day long. This one features a comfy grey sofa, two brown leather stools and a low level coffee table. Dominated by a cylindrical lamp, the area feels welcoming and very cozy. I also appreciate the symmetry the two tall windows impose because it gives a feeling of stability and strength. To add contrast to the room, the designer introduced paintings, drawings and several decorative objects.

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Exposed bricks

If you are the lucky owner of an old house or an apartment, look for the brick wall. Once identified, clean it and expose it to the public — you will experience a trendy, natural look that has become very popular nowadays. Combined with wood, it creates a warm interior perfect for leisure and relaxation. In the bedroom above, the wall left exposed pairs with a king size bed.

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Looking for some drama?

In Nordic design, there is always a place for black and white combinations. This working corner features an all-white background with black spots: the chair, the photos, the desktop, the books on the shelf add contrast to the place. If you opt for these two colors, the place will look tidy, well organized and very powerful. Sweeten it with joy: the colorful skateboard fits wonderfully here.

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The power of Nordic design

The interiors inspired by Scandinavia are functional and flexible. You feel this from the very first step: maximum style with minimum effort. In the picture above, I love the compositions on the walls for their symmetry and stability. The cabinets are classic IKEA models with storing areas at the lowest level — perfect for books, magazines and woods. The left side features shelves with books, while the right part reveals a collage of drawings and photos. They both prepare the entrance in the bedroom. :-)

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A fireplace adds romanticism to the bedroom. It completes the décor with style, while introducing the rustic flavor into contemporary design. Most of the furniture is made of wood, complementing the natural look of the room.

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White backgrounds are canvases to exhibit our hobbies. The guitars feel excellent there and also add personality to the space.

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Classic white cabinets in the kitchen and metro tiles make the interior very welcoming. The chairs look quite old and that’s why they add personality to the space.

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Open shelves to store plates, glasses and bowls

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The blackboards are perfect in the kitchen. You can write menus, receipts, songs, messages for your family and your guests or you can use it while experimenting new receipts. I also love the open shelves for their transparency and functionality. The ingredients are there and you do not have to look in all the cabinets for salt and pepper.

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No room for the closet? Pick the location for your clothing and delimit the area with curtains. Fix IKEA shelves and baskets and the dressing will look well organized and tidy. This is a very practical option — count on it! 

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White flooring is simply divine. It’s a way of saying that you do not care about mud as long as Nordic design has the power to transform any crib into a fairytale. Rely on clear lines and let natural light inside as much as possible. Place mirrors to expand the space and you will feel very comfortable at home. Visit for new ideas related to Nordic design.

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