Organising a tiny flat nowadays requires an ingenious mind. From reversible doors and hidden beds to items with multiple functions and contrasts that add dynamism, the philosophy of making the small look big has boosted a lot lately. But, let’s face it – it is not always about big spaces. You want to create a welcoming and beautiful place as well. In the end, our habitat does not solely mean to gather and store objects. It reflects our personality and, some philosophers say, it functions as an extension of our souls. To obtain both function and beauty at home, explore the gallery below! We spotted a contemporary tiny flat on and we want to share with you the solutions designers used to transform it in a lovely crib.

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The ‘hide back’ principle

In small kitchens, you cannot play safely with open, exposed aesthetics. Most of the designers suggest floor-to-ceiling cabinets, usually in white, beige or pale grey hues. They function like a warehouse where you can store plates, glasses, cups, utensils, pans and many more. Only that the visitors and those working in the kitchen have no idea of what’s going out there. The elegant, lacquered white doors make the overall environment look pure and finished.

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Transparency is key

The clear look works amazingly in a tiny space. Moreover, glass, acrylic and polycarbonate furnishings can also give a futuristic touch to your rooms. This kitchen features a 4-seat square table with white chairs. Their back seats are of transparent plastic which classifies them as see-through items. The set integrates smoothly in the kitchen, being almost invisible. To conclude, the furniture that you barely see is perfect if you want an airy room.

designrulz red interior (4)

A simple, yet elegant dining area

Overlooking the U-shaped kitchen, a square table with four chairs represents the dining area of this home. Indeed, its look has nothing in common with warmth or coziness. Mixing transparent plastic with steel and glass, the designer obtained a clinic, pure effect that ‘disinfect’ the décor. Ornaments are not present and therefore the feeling of solitude and emptiness. If this model fits your needs, here are some example of how to make it more lively. Firstly, add many pots with flowers and greenery. Secondly, create a focal point in the room — a hot curtain, a funky chair, an original lamp or a ludic set of plates and glasses. Thirdly, play with wood — even one single element has the power to warm the atmosphere.

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Stick to natural tones

This room reminds me of a sunny autumn afternoon: grey, brown, beige, yellow and some fresh green blend beautifully. Indeed, the palette is to follow in tiny spaces because it does not ‘attack’ the eye. The colors are pale and do not scream to your retinae. Also, to keep the interior balanced, pay attention to patterns. Usually, one striking, vivid corner is enough to add dynamism to the spaces — as it happens with the vegetal wallpaper behind the bed. However, the rest of the space reflects a quite dull aesthetic which, I must admit, offers tranquility and stability.

designrulz red interior (7)

Mirror doors are always a plus in tiny spaces. On every side of the bed, books are stored on shelves.

designrulz red interior (8)

Wallpaper with silver insertions

To add a bit of romanticism at home, try some elegant wallpapers. You do not have to cover the entire room, just pick one single wall and make it out of the ordinary. Vegetal patterns such as flowers, branches and trees or geometric games of triangles, spheres and squares have the power to stimulate the room. Moreover, insertions of glam – be it silver or golden – make the place feel refined and sophisticated. Step into the contemporary era with stylish wallpapers!

 designrulz red interior (10)

A comfy armchair near a floor lamp can become a very relaxing reading corner. This décor is quite neutral, but you can add sparkles to it with flowers, colorful pillows and books.

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You are concerned about storing toys and clothes, while your kids plan to transform the entire room into a playground.

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Rely on symmetry and you’ll get a harmonies place for your kids. Two beds, two desks and two closets with shelves attached fit perfectly in this room. Plus, your children will feel satisfied that they share ‘common goods’ and do not have to fight for the other part of the room. As for the colors, orange, velvet and white make this room feminine and bright.

designrulz red interior (16) designrulz red interior (17) designrulz red interior (18) designrulz red interior (19)

The curtain reminds me of a frozen territory – if you love the dynamism geometric patterns bring in your home, this is perfect!

designrulz red interior (20) designrulz red interior (21) designrulz red interior (22) designrulz red interior (23)

A neutral décor enlivened with red spots. I also love the coffee table with a transparent glass countertop — it brings fluidity and makes the room feel elegant and fragile. Both parquet and furniture were made of light wood, complementing the relaxed spirit of the house.