This is one of the hottest apartments I have ever written about! Spotted on, this masculine interior has all a guy needs to feel strong, relaxed and still inspired to explore the world. Because, as we all know, they usually inherit Magellan’s gene and want to keep on eye on discoveries. But, let’s take it step by step. What the overall atmosphere transmits first is force. Vibrant colors, playful geometries, dramatic contrasts and statement art objects make the environment feel energetic and stable. Secondly, classic items of furniture like large leather armchairs or solid wooden cabinets pair wonderfully with contemporary articles: honeycomb pendants, steel chandeliers or metallic taps in the bathroom. Explore the crib and grasp the ideas that fit in your home too.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (1)

In-between dining area

Most of the contemporary homes use the dining room as a transitory space. It usually connects the kitchen with the living area, but here it relates the cooking space with the bookcases. Both areas feature solid wooden furniture painted in two complementary colors: yellow and blue. This plus the fact that the furniture shares similar characteristics makes the connection even stronger. As a general rule, pay attention to details: it’s hard to make an open space coherent, but with proper colors and items of similar range, the space feels just fine.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (2)

Bring vintage to contemporary

I love when past influences the present. It’s like paying attention to your ancestors, our collective memory and the values we all inherit from previous generations. In this case, the large brown leather armchair – a masterpiece of its genre – dominates the living room. It reminds me of historical reunions with aristocrats. However, mixed with a blue simple carpet and an industrial floor lamps, it feels updated.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (3)

Play with geometries

Who cares about ‘having atmosphere’ in a bathroom? Almost nobody. If you do not have a designer by your side, a crazy person insisting on how many elements can make the experience there wonderful, you neglect this space. The masculine influence feels here too – sober hues and right angles. Black, white and grey make the climate very dynamic, while lighting spots create focal points.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (4)

Working desk by the window

A large wooden board, fixed on a gliding holder serves as working desk by the window. The solution is ingenious and very functional — you save space and you benefit of natural light as much as possible. This working room also features a comfy modern sofa and two generous built-in bookcases. Blue and brown make a good pair in this masculine interior.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (5)

I like the feminine touch of the flowers by the window.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (6)

Yellow kitchen

To paint your kitchen in yellow is a bold gesture. The color is strong and transforms the space immediately so if this does not match your personality, you will not feel comfortable with it. However, the hue is warm, cozy and feels great in the kitchen. Here, the classic cabinets act very contemporary near the honeycomb flooring and the insertion of metro tiles. Also, the U-shaped countertop offers space for two places at the bar.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (7)

My favorite ‘frame’: pictures with flowers and butterflies, ceramic pots in green and grey and a sculptured white bird.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (8) blue yellow apartment designrulz (9) blue yellow apartment designrulz (10)

Add personality to the hallway

A tall mirror, a stool and several original clothes pegs are enough to make the entrance welcoming. Also, if the space allows you to introduce a cabinet, feel free to do so. Drawers are just fine for scarfs, hats, keys, receipts, sunglasses – a never-ending list as we all know. Paintings, photos and illustrations animate the hallway as well.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (11)

Open plan and complementary colors

Indeed, you save a lot of space when you organize it according to the principle of sharing. The living, the dining and the kitchen communicate easily with each other in a space that feels well-organized, welcoming and very contemporary. What strikes you from the very beginning is a feeling of strength, vigor and dynamism. The layout is coherent — you feel this because the colors interact and complement each other. Moreover, natural light is invited to come in to warm the space tenderly. I very much enjoy the power of the patterns: the curtain, the carpet and the marble countertop of the coffee table.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (12) blue yellow apartment designrulz (13)

The mirror effect

Above the sofa, four mirrors make the space look wider. Use this trick in living rooms and hallways, but look for pieces that are out of the ordinary. Old mirrors with vintage frames, honeycombs that can be reorganized, a mix of rounds and rectangles or a puzzle of pieces cut randomly. This is an opportunity to enlarge space, but also to decorate the walls in a very stylish way. Go for it!

blue yellow apartment designrulz (14) blue yellow apartment designrulz (15) blue yellow apartment designrulz (16)

This small bedside table became the hot spot of the room – in vivid yellow and with an original pattern, it animates the room.

blue yellow apartment designrulz (17) blue yellow apartment designrulz (18)

Details that add elegance to the space: tulip shaped pots

blue yellow apartment designrulz (19) blue yellow apartment designrulz (20) blue yellow apartment designrulz (21) blue yellow apartment designrulz (22)