Metal Creativ is the story of an entrepreneur that worked for over 10 years with tons of metal construction materials. Till the day he found the favorite metal to play with- steel. A hard, resistant material, but very versatile in the same time. Challenging. Later, came the “taming” of steel by combining it in a spectacular way with other materials more “soft” as wool and wood. So he invented a new technique –sewing in steel materials. Colleagues, excited after they saw the first pieces, gathered on Saturdays at the office and began to sew and paint. This way came to life the first Metal Creativ design objects.

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Eight Pointed Star Metallic Bench

Metallic bench ” The eight pointed star ” was inspired by the folk motifs with the same name, whose meaning is related to the time engine and regenerative energy. The star is part from “Cosmic” subgroup of traditional motifs, which includes decorative elements depicting representations of celestial bodies and phenomena. The ornamental motif is found in different versions, being spread throughout all country. The motifs are sewn in steel with a weatherproof wire that can be easily cleaned with water.

The eight pointed star (without middle point) was one of the favorite signs of pastors who, in search of better pastures for their herds, migrated from North Africa, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Balkans, until Scandinavia. It is the guide: the only fixed point, landmark of pastors and navigators.

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Steel Furniture with Handmade Stitched Romanian Traditional Motifs by Metal Creativ

Steel furniture with handmade stitched Romanian traditional motifs, inspired by the popular spiritual culture. The set consists of a table with tempered glass, two benches and a chair. Upon request, our creative team can design decorative elements that you want for this kind of furniture.

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Dor Metallic Chair

Folklore metallic chair is made of perforated sheet with hand-sewn traditional motifs often applied for costumes and traditional household decoration. Wanting to harness the spiritual heritage left by our ancestors, we created this series of modern furniture pieces that bring it again in contemporary. Seat sides are shaped with old traditional motifs from Romanian folklore which symbolizesthe sun.

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