Growing plants inside during the cold season might be very challenging. They require special maintenance, care and luminosity. These conditions are guaranteed naturally during spring and summer, in the garden. But this does not mean you have to be afraid of installing vegetal corners inside. Besides their fresh beautiful look, plants are able to bring benefits to our health because they purify the air around us. Featuring a multitude of designs, materials and colors, the ways in which we can arrange indoor plants nowadays are endless. On stacks and window sills, hung with ropes or invisible strings, aligned by the fireplace or pairing a ceramic sculpture on a bookshelf – there are many solutions to arrange them in an interesting way. What I’ve learned so far is that plants are able to animate any common place. They bring energy, change the mood and determine you to enjoy more the household activities. Explore our collection and pick what inspires you most!


Succulents with their fleshy and juicy tissues are amazing during winter. You do not have to water them very often and are among unsophisticated plants.

indoor palnts ideas designrulz (1)

Revitalize your working place

I know, our desks are usually full of books, sketches and pencils. By ‘planting’ greenery in a dull place, you will animate it and also boost your appetite for working. The picture above depicts a working place built on the idea of layers – the printer, the working countertop, the shelves for storing or exhibiting items. As you can see, almost every level features indoor plants – climbers and tiny leafy herbs that are responsible to change your mood. :-)

indoor palnts ideas designrulz (2)

Of various heights

The arrangements which play with different altitudes are very dynamic, thus lively and appealing. As a rule, big plants in big pots are usually put on the floor – they give the interior a solemn touch and function like metaphorical colonnades. Bring plants of decreasing heights nearby and you will obtain interesting visual effects.

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This working place seems invaded by greenery – it’s like working in the garden!

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Fireplace niche decorated with flowers

This combination is not very familiar because heat can affect plants. However, those cut flowers that usually last no more than several days are an option for vegetal arrangements near the fireplace. The one above features six vases of different shapes and materials – copper, transparent glass and black ceramic. If you want to play with visual effects, fix a large mirror with a baroque frame behind and the flowers will reflect very beautifully.

indoor plants- designrulz (3)

Greenery near the bed? Why not! This interior feels very exotic and it gives me the impression that the inhabitants sleep in a garden. I believe they have fresh air all the time and feel very relaxed in this natural environment.

indoor plants- designrulz (4)

Use wooden boxes instead of pots and you’ll get the welcoming look of the markets inside. This décor fits amazingly in a kitchen – where you can also plant rosemary and parsley – or on a terrace with wood flooring.

indoor plants- designrulz (5)

Herbs in pockets

A quite unusual approach, but very practical and catchy. Attach six large pockets to a folding paravane, introduce bags or pots with soil in every pocket and you will get a lovely holder for your flowers. Indeed, the watering process might become difficult, but you can opt for artificial plants as well.

indoor plants- designrulz (6)

Glass-house with hanging pots

If you are a big fan of greenery you can try this at home – a large area invaded by natural light where you exhibit plants everywhere. Around tables, on shelves, on the window sill and even hanging from the ceiling near the lighting bulbs. The trick to avoid the feeling of overcrowded interiors is to opt for pure white backgrounds.

indoor plants- designrulz (7) indoor plants- designrulz (8)

Pots with ferns animate this terrace; they make a great combination with exposed bricks walls and wooden flooring.

indoor plants- designrulz (9) indoor plants- designrulz (10)

Into the wild

Probably one of the most surprising décor in our collection, the living room above seems depicted from wilderness. Not only the vegetal elements, but also the pieces of furniture lead you in this direction. A large dining table with wooden chairs reminding the freshly cut logs, some comfy ottomans covered in wool and a low level coffee table inspired by Brancusi’s sculpturing style. Cherry on top, a wallpaper with birds complete the décor which becomes much more appealing this way.

indoor plants- designrulz (11) indoor plants- designrulz (12) indoor plants- designrulz (13) indoor plants- designrulz (14) indoor plants- designrulz (15)

Take a ladder and fix metallic trays at every level. Fill them with white and grey pebble and prepare the ‘soil’ for pots with greenery.

indoor plants- designrulz (16) indoor plants- designrulz (17) indoor plants- designrulz (18)

I used to consider plants in the bathroom a no-no, but look how amazing the showering place looks surrounded by them! However, you have to pick plants that love water and humidity.

indoor plants- designrulz (19) indoor plants- designrulz (20) indoor plants- designrulz (21)

A crazy, funny décor with little pots on the wall – they look like bees and make the room very lively. I believe the pots are so light they can be glued easily with pasting or gum.

indoor plants- designrulz (22) indoor plants- designrulz (23) indoor plants- designrulz (24) indoor plants- designrulz (25) indoor plants- designrulz (26) indoor plants- designrulz (27) indoor plants- designrulz (28) indoor plants- designrulz (29) indoor plants- designrulz (30)