Old furniture is great. It’s cheap and best of all, it gives you lots of opportunities to redo it the way you want. Practically any piece of furniture can be restored if you know how.  Not all furniture we find is attractive.


A lot of people have old furniture pieces that they either don’t like anymore or that doesn’t match with the rest of the décor. But just because a piece of furniture is old and maybe a little broken, this doesn’t mean you have to just throw it away. You just have to enjoy DIY and redoing furnishings and you can literally change any piece of furniture into something that is perfect for your home. With a little time and imagination you can turn it into a whole new piece that you’ll be able to able for many years to come.


Tables, dressers, chairs, really anything that you have that is old and outdated can be restored and when you do it yourself, you can save money and have pieces that you are proud to show off. Here are some example of chairs that suffered a makeover.


Take a Seat! 20 DIY Colorful Chair Projects! Check out these tips, tricks and ideas for your next furniture flip!

Colorful chairs lend a cheery, laid-back feel to a kitchen or breakfast room, so this is a great place to use up old tins of paint. We love us some DIY decor and a unique seat is just the thing to set your room or event apart. From giving new life to an old chair, to creating a new chair from scratch, to decorating a chair for your wedding, these 20 DIYs will knock you off your feet. The bigger the mix of colors, the merrier.

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