Sophie Jacqmin – interior designer, architect and judge at Perspective’s A&D Trophy Awards 2016 – has recently completed a selection of Kids Clubs. Sophie Jacqmin has acquired great expertise in the field of both architecture and scenography, and has been putting it at the service of hotels across the world over the past ten years. She sees the infinite possibilities of each site, taking great pleasure in inventing an appropriate, original scenario and creating an atmosphere rich in variety and surprise. Her elegant, poetic touch turns a hotel into a palpable experience of the “art of living”.

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Kids Clubs by Sophie Jacqmin

Sophie Jacqmin’s kids clubs combine elements from a child’s reality, their dreams and fantasies, bringing both of these worlds together. Like in a movie script, each architectural project is of variable geometry: treated as a travelling studio in which kids can come together during their stay at the hotel, just like a group of friends on holiday. Kids are able to comfortably relate and settle into this environment with ease where they are able to develop their creative personalities and invent their own stories.

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Sophie Jacqmin seeks to create spaces that allow for kids to bring their ideas to life combining the real world with the world of dreams and share them with their peers. In association with Barriere Group, the designer has created spaces for three French hotels, namely: Hotel Le Majestic in Cannes, Hotel Les Neiges in Courchevel and Hotel Le Normandy in Deauville which has recently been renovated with the new addition.

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The concept for the designs is based on a child’s reality; how they live the best of both world’s amidst dreams and fantasies. Kids are able to effortlessly join together as they meet at the kids club. Like a group of friends on holiday, kids can enjoy their stay as much as their family members on their get away.

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When Parents are at Business Meeting, Kids are Playing at Kids Clubs! Amazing idea!

The concept of a child’s reality runs on with cinema and cartoon inspired furniture present like wardrobe trunks, flight case tool boxes, a travelling workshop table, hanging tin lamps, artist’s trailer and a huge carpet in the format of a story board. All of these details encourage kids to have ideas come to life and bring the world of dreams to reality then share them with friends and family. In hopes to stimulate more creative imaginations and stories in a child’s mind, the club space features elements of humour and poetry, helping kids to break the ice, bond and settle in with ease.

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Let your kids play while attending corporate conferences!

Furniture inspired by these worlds is present throughout such as wardrobe trunks, flight case tool boxes, a travelling workshop table, hanging tin lamps, artist’s trailer, a huge carpet in the style of a story board.

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