The industrial style ideas we offer today are about the beauty of exploring without limits. You can leave a wall unpainted, expose bricks, introduce metal cabinets in your kitchen an even try some old benches from public bus stations at your dining table. None would qualify your statement as weird. Work of RSRG Arquitetos, the home below also features many retro pieces of furniture that go back in time and add personality to the space. What I enjoy most in these interiors is the surprising effect resulting from original mixes and the lack of pretention. Portraying a workaday life, the designers relied on affordable materials, humble decorative items and objects that were saved from studios, plants and laboratories. The unfinished, on progress feeling you get in industrial style places has also a very challenging feature. It’s like making plans all the time, looking for improvement or being ready to improvise to change the décor. In a nutshell, the style is about taking risks!

Ap-designrulz (1)

Two bar stools looking very vintage paired with two industrial pendants.

Ap-designrulz (2)

Ap-designrulz (3)

The countertop has a very rough texture, contrasting with the lacquered wooden cabinets.

Ap-designrulz (4)

In the bedroom, one wall was left entirely uncovered.

Ap-designrulz (5)

A bit of glamour in the bathroom: mirrors with golden frames and green glass decorative items.

Ap-designrulz (6)

Greenery is the best solution to enliven a space. The transgression between the living room and the working desk is marked simply with a climbing plant and some floor pots.

Ap-designrulz (7)

Ap-designrulz (8)

Stick with grays, but also vary with shades to avoid the one-dimensional feeling. The bookcase facing the dining area is a retro piece that adds personality to the space.

Ap-designrulz (9)

Ap-designrulz (10)

Ap-designrulz (11)

Ap-designrulz (12)

Ap-designrulz (13)

The old fashioned style of fixing the parquet that goes back in time…

Ap-designrulz (14)

Surprising combinations will keep the room alive. A minimalist desk paired with a heavy leather armchair on wheels next to an exposed brick wall.

Ap-designrulz (15)

Ap-designrulz (16)

Ap-designrulz (17)

This amazing armchair looks fantastic next to the paintings.

Ap-designrulz (18)

Ap-designrulz (19)

Ap-designrulz (20)

Mix artistic statements with industrial style ideas to make the rooms feel cozy and welcoming.