How do you define a modern interior? By book, it’s a layout that follows simplicity, functionality and order. When you put it like this, people gather around two central ideas – love it or hate it. Why? Because some feel inspired by its clean lines and modesty, while others miss the warmth of grandma’s cluttered kitchen. What we’ve spotted on galeriadaarquitetura is somewhere in-between. Not too many details, but also pieces that add personality to the house. Airy, well-organised rooms, but not the feeling of an extreme hygiene you have in hospitals or laboratories. I would say, that’s the compromise that makes the modern interiors very popular nowadays. You enter a house that has the power to calm your thoughts and offers you space for creativity too. Explore the gallery and pick what fits your crib!

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Art adds some sparkle

We do not want to visit a museum at home, but we need those small details that add interest to our rooms. I am a big fan of large abstract pantings, for example. They impress and dominate the room, and also open the doors to a wonderland. Exploration, cultivation of your soul, tranquility, and sometimes the power to let behind the daily stress – that’s what you gain in front of a panting. Not to mention you learn a lot about styles and the history of art in general. In the picture above, the owners of the apartment show interest in Asian civilisation. The space is not very generous, so they obtain the ‘travel to Asia’ with 3 emblematic items: a fan, a Buddha sculpture and a big ceramic vase. They all together speak the language of the East, being able to enliven the modern wooden cabinet.

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No barriers between indoor and outdoor

It’s almost an unwritten rule – if you have the possibility to choose a transparent glass wall/ door towards the terrace, go for it! Nothing compares to the happiness you feel while admiring the sunset or the sunrise from your bed. Also, big large windows allow natural light come inside all day long. This room also features a comfy leather chaise longue near the window and  a basket with blankets nearby. It’a perfect reading corner assisted by the city. :-)

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Open plans enhance spatiality

The living and the dining room share one open plan with one ‘horizon’: the terrace. The interior feels bright and comfortable, offering the inhabitants a large territory for various experiences: having dinner with friends, reading, chatting, watching TV, meditating or simply admiring the city. The colours are connected to natural tones: brown, beige, white, bits of orange and green. My favourite spot: the table made of natural wood. It reflects strength and stability.

penthouse-porto-designrulz (4)

A very elegant decor in the dining room: the flowers and the white candle add some romanticism, while the transparent glass wall allows a smooth transition between spaces. 

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A white kitchen feels very clean

Only if you arrange it wisely. First of all, let white dominate the interior. For example, if you opt for silver, ivory, ‘pure’ items of furniture, do not agglomerate the space with ornamentations. Store the utensils, the plates and all the kitchen machines behind the doors – you will enjoy a very serene landscape. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are frequently used; you gain a lot of space for storing.

penthouse-porto-designrulz (6)

Small infusions of colour – red, green, yellow – animate the room. 

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Grill, dining and some fun on the terrace

The terrace became an alternative living space for this amazing modern apartment. It features an open kitchen with a grill, a bar, a dining table for six and a comfy corner for discussions. Near the parapet, a wooden bench invites guests to rest and a tall window box enlivens the space with greenery. The sandy beige is a dominant tone; it brings warmth and also creates a strong connection with nature. A pergola with a canvas offers sun protection on the terrace.

penthouse-porto-designrulz (8) penthouse-porto-designrulz (9)

The dining area is protected under the pergola.  

penthouse-porto-designrulz (10)

A dreamy atmosphere during the evenings 

penthouse-porto-designrulz (11)

The wooden flooring is resistant and offers a natural look

penthouse-porto-designrulz (12)

What do you check before planning a roof terrace?

Does your roof have potential for a terrace? First of all, be sure there is no inconvenience with your neighbours in terms of privacy. Secondly, ask an engineer to analyse if the place is good to have a party or to just sit and relax. This means to check the supporting walls whether they could carry the weight of a solid decking floor and plenty of guests. The terrace’s surrounding wall and railings also had to be at a safe height. And if you believe you only add value to your present living habitat, you are wrong. Estate agents say a roof terrace makes the home more attractive to buyers. 

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Marble, a classic beauty

A gorgeous white with grey veining summaries the characteristics of marble.

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