Welcome to one of the most beautiful collection of sunroom ideas you’ve ever seen! Elegant, airy, comfortable and generous with space, the rooms receive natural light all day long. They are perfect for romantic dinners, inspiring reading sessions, casual meetings with friends or lazy naps. For all these situations, you have a warm companion by your side: the sun. To enjoy it as much as possible, floor-to ceiling transparent windows are a must. Some prefer to have intimacy and reduce the visibility to one single wall. However, this does not make the experience less delightful. The connection with nature is so strong that you abandon yourself completely. How are these rooms furnished? Comfy, large sofas, cushy armchairs, coffee tables and floor lamps are frequently used. The aesthetic designers usually follow borrows elements from the outdoor layouts. This happens because you want to create a coherent relation with the exterior. Thus, rely on pieces of furniture made of wood or cane, vintage hand lamps, large flower pots and stone sculptures.

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Wicker classy furniture

Natural wicker is famous for its vigor and durability, and for the high level of beauty and comfort that an gifted craftsman can produce. Materials used can be any part of a plant, such as the cores of cane or rattan stalks, or whole thicknesses of plants, as with willow switches. Other known materials include reed and bamboo. Natural wicker requires maintenance to keep it in great shape.

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A sunroom with a terrace on top

This is a good example of how to use space wisely. The inhabitants decided to build an extension attached to the house, but also to value the space above. As a result, the sunroom is a classy, square-shaped veranda with a terraced roof. The interior is welcoming and cozy, and features a fireplace made of brick. If you decide to follow this plan, make sure you fix parapets around the terrace as well.

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Built-in furniture

It is always a solution when you are limited by space. The round corner sofa integrates easily in the structure of the wall and uses the space as much as possible. Being closed to the window, the persons seating enjoy the views outside easily. The round coffee table on the carpet blends smoothly in, dialogizing with the circle above. A classy elegant layout perfect for luxurious residences.

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The garden look

Do you enjoying spending time outside? The garden look fits amazingly in your sunroom. Wrought iron, brick flooring, and dozens of flower pots will make your wish come true. A Roman atrium inspired the architect who designed the sunroom above. The space is very generous and tall, allowing natural light come inside all day long. The fireplace is animated by plants and flowers, being an elegant heat-provider as well.

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The feeling that you are always on holiday…books, a binocular and the ocean as a background.

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Navy blue and wicker items of furniture make a great pair in this sunroom. An old painted chest serves as table.

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Sunroom or living?

Most of the people consider the sunroom an extension of the house, a place they use occasionally. But, with a good isolation and a solid structure, it can easily become a proper living room. The one above features a classy IKEA sofa, two armchairs and a wooden table. The interior feels relaxed and very spacious.

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Working in the sunroom? Of course! It is the place where you can enjoy natural light as much as possible.

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Baud Maloney 016

Share the space with the kitchen! The sunroom was built as an extension of the house, being connected with the kitchen. You notice the difference at the flooring: wooden parquet and tiles.  

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This room looks like a balcony, but it still has a lot of space to make use of. A sofa, an armchair with a stool and two tables accommodated easily here. It has a strong oriental flavor which reflects passion and appetite for fantastic worlds.  

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I love the row of hand lamps climbing from the both sides of the sofa to the top. It is an interesting way of bringing vintage items into contemporary decors.

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A lovely place where you can take a nap or admire the window.

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A fancy décor featuring pure white and natural wood

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This room is dominated by white, but also features a strong shot of romanticism. Organic patterns, pastel textiles, diaphanous curtains and a vase with pink roses make the décor a wonderful one.

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I love the carpet – it looks like a painting in which the artists played with many colors, shadows and lights. The room features two leather armchairs, a table and a chandelier. It is not sophisticated, but you have the most beautiful landscape on earth: the ocean.

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Beautiful white sunroom with pastel colors and three walls of floor to ceiling windows with cat on ottoman

Beautiful white sunroom with pastel colors and three walls of floor to ceiling windows with cat on ottoman

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