Many contemporary residences feature a working place at home. We tend to take laptops and files with us, hoping we will deal with the unsolved matters after work. Although it is not a habit I tend to encourage, the collection of modern offices below worth exploring. From functional desks with many storing areas to original items that make the room out of the ordinary, the laboring territory abounds in trendy ideas. One important ‘discovery’ should be put on the list after collecting what’s hot on the market. It does not matter how small the allocated area is; there are plenty of solutions to make it wider, functional and also very stylish. Lamps, spots, posters, colorful utensils, flower pots, maps and books – they all contribute to your good feeling while working. Have a look!

office designrulz (1)

The silver touch

This modern office feels strong and stable, perfect for a masculine interior. The light grey of the furniture and the silver accents of the patterned wallpaper compose the palette. The desk features two cabinets on both sides, allowing the user to access easily papers, files, pens, pencils and so on. Its length is quite generous, offering space for two persons in the same time. The pendant lamps were fixed in the ceiling, thus saving space on the desk. Pay attention to electricity; you will need a plug for your computer.

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A chalkboard on the wall

Modern offices are playful and fresh. You get using hot colors, contemporary items of furniture and ‘crazy’ decorative items. Moreover, you can practice your creativity every day. Install a chalkboard in front of the desk and start drawing! You can also take notes, put your agenda on the wall or let messages for your family. Make the composition alive by fixing shelves with flower pots and books.

office designrulz (3)

Working on the balcony

Definitively, yes. Fresh air, sun, isolation from the noisy house, freedom – for all these ingredients I advise you to install your office there. The one above features a transparent glass countertop, fixed on two wooden structures. This makes the space feel airy and open. I love the floor lamp that supervises the action from above. :-)

office designrulz (20)

Black and white bring the drama inside

This pure white desk is dramatised with black insertions. Many decorative items were used to attract attention, creating a an interesting mix on the desk. I love the ‘wallpaper’ styling close to the working area: notes, photos, posters, drawings, pencils and so on were glued in a well organised chaos.

office designrulz (4)

Use clothes-pins for original looks

Again, the ‘organised chaos’ in front of the desk. Photos, scissors, a pair of sunglasses, magazines and prints create a cool collage in front of your working place. I love the row of lighting spots hung on the left side – it reminds me of the make-up tables artists use in the backstage. An old desk regained its glam after remodel and fits perfectly in this modern layout.

office designrulz (5)

Both working place & bookcase

Most of the time, this is a very practical combination. You work on your project, but you also have access to you magazines, dictionaries, maps, albums and so on.  What you have to do is to fix two or three shelves in front of the desk – of various sizes and lengths – and to make the layout feel airy and well organized. The shelf on top serves as a place for exhibitions – pictures, sculptures, vases or souvenirs animate the atmosphere.

office designrulz (6)

A wall clad in wood

It looks like the parquet started climbing the wall, but it is a very interesting way to highlight the working place in a room (this is recommended when you install the office in your living or bedroom, for example, and you don’t allow a separate space for it). The boards bring a natural look in the area and also make an inspired mix with shelves and storing boxes. Do not forget to put colors here and there to enliven the space.

office designrulz (7) office designrulz (8) office designrulz (9) office designrulz (10)

The traveler’s office

Although it is almost impossible to find a traveler at home, his working place should feature one of the elements in the picture above. Maps, earth globes, a propeller, an old writing machine and a rough wooden desk. This one also features two old crates, now serving as storing boxes for books. I love the rustic insertions of this contemporary working place and I believe they are perfect for a countryside home.

office designrulz (11)

A tiny beautiful desk recalling the mid-century modernity fits amazingly in this corner. You can sit to write a note, a letter or to talk to he phone. I also love the mix of drawings on the wall – playful and very attractive. The white floor lamp supervises the actions. :-)

office designrulz (12) office designrulz (13) office designrulz (14) office designrulz (15) office designrulz (16) office designrulz (17) office designrulz (18) office designrulz (19) office designrulz (21)

The white and cardboard aesthetic make the working place look modern and very practical.

office designrulz (22)

A feminine look with colorful objects, flowers and a white polished desk

office designrulz (23) office designrulz (24)