Does the facade of your home need a new look? Then, a pair of creative house numbers showing your address will immediately change the exterior of the building. Spotted on, the collection bellow presents various styles and techniques of writing the address in a contemporary, catchy way. Meanwhile, you will find a bunch of tips explaining how to enhance visibility, chose the style and the material of the numbers or suggesting fresh mixes of herbs nearby. For example, most of them feature metal planters with flowers and greenery that create vivid contrasts. Succulents, roses, ivy, cactus and many other plants serve the process of beautifying the numbers. Consider installing a flower box next to them and you will innovate the decor every season by adjusting the seedlings to the exterior temperature. Subtle iron decorations or geometric patterns of metal can work as permanent ornaments and you will not encounter difficulties during the winter.

house number-designrulz (1)

Make them easy to see from the street!

While these little gems are amazing assets for a contemporary house, they have to be functional too. Take into consideration the fact that your guests and the mailman have to notice in a second the address and choose a readable font and an adequate size. Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma are among my favourite house numbers. They are clean, easy to see from the street and work perfectly on modern facades.

house number-designrulz (2)

Effortless configurations

Most of the people place the house numbers vertically or horizontally because they’re easiest to read that way. Of course, the sky is your limit if you are tempted to experiment with different placements. Hang them on a diagonal or in circle, but be sure that visitors still can read them in a second.

house number-designrulz (3)

Add some greenery!

Nothing compares to a flower pot in the window. They freshen the air with intense fragrances and beautify the decor, while adding personality to your home. As you can easily notice, flowers are perfect for the house numbers layouts, having the power to sweeten the structure of steel. One tip to take into consideration: pick flowers that do not require tiring efforts. For examples, succulents are the perfect plants for forgetful gardens. With juicy leaves, stems, or roots, succulents will offer easy-care choices for the house numbers layouts. Plus, they look amazing planted alone or as companions.

house number-designrulz (4)

The placement, obviously, has to be very visible. The front door or exterior of the front wall of the building are frequently used. If you have a large garden in front of the house, we suggest you should fix the numbers on the fence or the mailbox.

house number-designrulz (5)

House numbers should be attractive, but durable

Size and style are not the only characteristics you should take care of. Materials need to be chosen with caution as well. It goes without saying that the materials have to be strong and to withstand weather well. Stainless steel, aluminum or tile are on the list. If you take iron, be sure that rust doesn’t corrode the numbers over time and make them harder to see.

house number-designrulz (6)

Wood, tiles, iron, metal, marble…it does not matter as long as you complement it with greenery!

house number-designrulz (7) house number-designrulz (8) house number-designrulz (9)

Avoid foliage nearby

Bushes around the house numbers are not an option. Just imagine how much you’ll irritate your friends when coming over. Our suggestion is to cut or tidy the trees and the shrubbery that may hide the numbers. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of snow, make sure you fix them above the usual snow line.

house number-designrulz (10)

Are they suitable for your home?

Design consists in details. We’ve said it before, but it costs us nothing repeating. Our advice is to opt for numbers that make a perfect match with the architecture of the house and the materials it was built of. It is like a hot spot before going inside – it sets a tone and gives the guests a little taste of the interior. Stainless steel versions – like many examples in this collection –  function perfectly in a contemporary residence. Put them in front of a classic villa and you’ll ruin the spell in a second.

house number-designrulz (11) house number-designrulz (12) house number-designrulz (13) house number-designrulz (14)

Simple, yet attractive and very modern

house number-designrulz (15)

Contrast improves visibility

To combine bronze house numbers with a brown wooden background is not an option, obviously. Thus, go for a material that contrasts strongly with the surface on which it’s fixed. If the numbers are dim in the evening, consider backlighting or uplighting them to make them more visible. Take a solar-powered version for energy and ease.

house number-designrulz (16) house number-designrulz (17) house number-designrulz (18) house number-designrulz (19) house number-designrulz (20)

Creativity at its best

The gallery displayed above features examples of clean layouts that work perfectly for contemporary houses and gardens. But steel and wood are not the only options. You can also hire an artist to paint the numbers in frenzy colours or to decorate the background with incredible drawings. This will make your house stand out of the ordinary.