It’s true! Warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, and sunny days are luring you outside. My family pretty much lives outside when it’s warm. If you are in the same situations, than this article is perfect for you.  When there’s a pool house on the property, taking a vacation is as simple as stepping outside. Enjoying the outdoors is the perfect way to relax during spring or summer but you can’t do that without preparing the ground first. Without proper patio, you won’t be able to enjoy everything that your home’s outdoor areas can offer.

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A pool house with contemporary patio is everything you need. A contemporary outdoor patio is frequently viewed as an extension of the indoor living space. Whether it’s comprised of stone, brick or concrete, this paved area is frequently used as a socializing location, especially when there’s a grill or fire pit present. Throw in an outdoor kitchen and dining set and it can also become your favorite eating spot, and an abundance of furniture and colorful trendy patio decor turns it into the perfect sunny lounge.

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Adding a patio or walkway to your home is a lovely way to make your lawns, gardens and landscaping more usable and welcoming. Spending time outdoors in our backyard is a great way to relax. However, a suitable place for the barbecue grill, table, and chairs is a must. To make sure that you get the most of it, you need to determine how much space you have and what do you want that space to offer you. In fact, these spaces aren’t just a place to dry off after a dip in the water—inside, they’re outfitted with ample seating for whole days of lounging, and some even have guest quarters for visitors who aren’t ready to leave just yet. Staying at home never felt so good. For example, you might want to have a small area that offers a place to sit down while the rest of it to be beautifully arranged landscape. On the contrary, you might want to have a large deck and lots of sitting space to host guests or even a swimming pool.

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So, are you planning to upgrade your patio for a more modern look while still retaining that relaxing vibe? All you have to do is pick the right design. Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we have featured  33 Pool houses with contemporary patio. We will be giving you ideas on what you can do with your home’s patio through some pictures below. Scroll down and take a look at some contemporary patio design ideas we have collated for you.

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Ready to create a patio that is refreshing and new? Here are some tips. Enjoy!

What should I incorporate in my contemporary patio design?

Even though a trendy patio can be nothing more than a paved slab outside your house, it can also be so much more if you add the right additions. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for cooler nights, while an outdoor kitchen and bar make it an ideal party mecca. Regardless of what you do, a grill and eating spot is a must for al fresco dining, and you need good furniture to truly enjoy even the most basic outdoor space. Depending on your budget and maintenance threshold, you can even opt for a hot tub and pool to complement the space.

How to Light a Modern Patio

Lighting a modern patio and yards should reflect the modern aesthetic of your home, so choosing the appropriate fixture is key. It’s simply not good enough to go the big box store and jam some solar lights around and call it a day.

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How should I decorate my contemporary patio?

From yards and terraces to patios and porches, these easy decorating ideas can work for any spot you have big plans for beautifying. Have a peek…Try these outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate your newly decorated backyard. Everything you place outdoors should be weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean your contemporary patio can’t look as good as any indoor living room. Rugs, throw pillows and chair cushions all come in waterproof fabrics, while coffee tables, side tables, sofas, sectionals and armchairs often come together in sets. Rope or string lighting are popular mood setters, as are candles, which can also keep bugs away if you get the right kind. Put together some flower or succulent arrangements in pretty containers and place those around your contemporary patio to liven it up. Fun little accessories, like a garden gnome, tiki torch, bird feeder or umbrella can add more personality where it’s lacking.

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Add a container garden

Not everyone has access to a lovely yard full of rich soil and abundant sunlight. For those of us in cities, container gardens—growing plants in individual pots—is often the only option. A popular feature in many patios and backyards is, of course, a container garden. Especially true in contemporary and urban set-ups, container gardens are the ideal way to add a unique touch to your patio and host plants that aren’t always keen to the soil conditions around your home. The most important thing in container gardening, and the thing that almost everyone gets wrong, is not the material of the container but the size. Bigger means more soil volume, which means more root mass, which means it can hold more nutrients and water. Small ornamental pots are cute when they hold seedlings, but they’re going to significantly retard your ability to grow plants.

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