Outdoor spaces become magnets during the summer. Just arrange some comfy pillows on the terrace and you’ll notice the entire family outside in a minute. It’s no surprise. They are looking for relaxation and are ready to declare war to the crammed, sunless interiors. From classic layouts with coffee tables and chairs to modern puffs, hammocks and rockers, they all aim to enliven your mood. We’ve browsed for the hottest outdoor spaces on the internet and gathered the masterpieces in the gallery below.

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Fire pits, outdoor heating

One way to extend the season for enjoying company outside is to build a fire pit. There are plenty of styles and materials that can be used for this little ‘stove’; all you have to do is to decide what fits perfectly in the overall landscape. The one above consists of an iron installation with three standing sticks that protect the burning ‘plate’. It is perfect in rural areas for those who want to experience a little bit of wilderness.

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Wrought iron furniture

Is there something more elegant than wrought iron? Whenever I see furniture made of it I imagine some aristocrat ladies having their tea, wearing diaphanous dresses. The set above was painted in pink and the result is amazing: a contemporary feminine look perfect in the garden, on the terrace or near the pool. Did I say feminine? Then, don’t forget the flower pot!

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Move your body

Swings are the ultimate extravagance when it comes to outdoor spaces. They can be fixed in a tree or you can build an installation from iron sticks to hold the chair. Put a comfy pillow and a blanket in it and you’ll have the paradise at home. A mid level table nearby will hold your cocktail while swinging.

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Portable shelters

Sun burns after 12 am so consider installing a tent in the garden if you do not want to miss the benefits of the exterior. Made of canvas or plastic, tents can be installed somewhere under a tree to avoid extreme heating. As for the size, look for items that can at least cover the length of a chaise longue so that you can take a nap once in a while.

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By the pool

Designs by the pool feature both delicacy and grandeur. The one above relies on a low level white sofa, flanked by two tall ceramic vases and it looks very appealing. A transparent glass parapet protects the area, offering intimacy to those who seat on the sofas.

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Open living room

The idea of an open living room is not new; people have always tried to extend outside as much as possible and to include some natural landscape in their home. Thus, if you are the lucky owner of a house with a terrace consider ‘changing’ on of the walls in the living room. You can opt for gliding doors, transparent glass parapets or diaphanous curtains to delimit the space.

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Rattan furniture

Light, versatile and easy to combine it with various textiles, rattan furniture is on top of the list when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces. Take time to analyse which colour fits perfectly outside – they can be found in various ranges of grey and dark brown. In the picture above they make a romantic pair with a Provencal wooden set.

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A circular fire pit made of stone perfect for the evening during which you want to chat outside with your friends.summer designrulz (9) summer designrulz (10) summer designrulz (11)

Don’t neglect greenery!

It’s common to forget about greenery when you arrange something in the garden. There are plenty of trees and flowers around, you would say. Yes, but if you let the dining area austere or the corner you selected for reading sessions, the space will look disconnected, secluded. Ivy climbs the fences and it is a good decorator too. Roses are responsible for colourful spots. :-)

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Folding items of furniture

Why? 1. You save room. The garage or the warehouse in the backyard offer space, but not the entire one; so opt for space-friendly items that can be folded and hidden easily. 2. They are versatile. Easy to pack and unpack, the folding items can be relocated easily if you decide to change the dining area just several minutes before the guests’ arrival.

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Geometry? Why not!

A serene landscape that reflects order and stability. A rectangular pool, four chaise longues with two umbrellas and a maze of tiles in the grass make the composition just perfect. The vegetal fence surrounding the area is neat and cut correctly, supporting the idea that geometry has its use by the pool too.

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Candles, my favourite gems

Nothing compares to lighted candles on the table. No matter how simple the decor is, they will always add spell to it. The lady above waits her guests with a clean, metaphorically speaking quiet table on which she arranged a row of white candles. Isn’t it fabulous?

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