Dogs are considered the most popular pets in America. Dogs are faithful companions in many homes. It is difficult to find a more loyal and loving friend. Therefore make your yard space comfortable and ideal for your dog by installing artificial synthetic grass turf. No more mud, no more yellow spots. Just a clean soft durable play area for your dog. Pets are one of the major reasons people are moving towards artificial grass lawns today. Most artificial grass converts are dog or cat owners, but how will their animals will react to this new turf surface?

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The Artificial Grass is Always Greener on a Deck

Artificial synthetic grass provides a perfect solution for your lawn and dog run areas. Green grass always looks better than concrete. Enjoy the soft feel of grass under your bare feet as you enjoy outdoor living. Add a little grass to your patio or terrace and your dog has a place to play and go. Artificial turf is very durable and stain-resistant, yet feels comfortable and soft to walk on.

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The artificial grass system keeps your pets clean, free from spread of disease as well as pests like fleas and ticks. No muddy paws! Synthetic turf is a durable, low-maintenance alternative to conventional grass lawns that is increasing in popularity for use in front yards, backyards, play areas and dog runs. People are attracted to this landscaping option for a number of reasons, including the opportunity to conserve water and save money on monthly maintenance costs, and the time-saving benefits of never having to weed, mow, aerate, fertilize, water or edge their lawn again. Order from here!

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Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

You can enjoy your lawn free from dog wear and tear, staining and smells. Pets will readily ‘do their business’ on it and artificial grass is permeable, allowing urine to drains through and any faeces to be removed easily; what’s more, the artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged. Order from here!

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Pets and Artificial Grass

K9Grass by ForeverLawn is the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.

Unique features such as a knitted flow-through backing, durable blades, antimicrobial protection, and a no-infill design, make K9Grass the ideal surfacing option for kennels, dog boarding and pet facilities, dog parks, and vet clinics, both indoors and out.

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How much is k9 grass?

The turf costs $8 to $12 a square foot installed. Order from here!

If you are a dog owner and are considering using this option in a dog run or for your lawn, you are probably wondering just how pet-friendly it is and how it compares to natural grass in regards to its ability to hold up to frequent use by dogs. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best product for your yard:

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Is Artificial Grass suitable for children and pets?

Grass products have been designed to be children and pet friendly.

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Artificial Grass is perfect for patios, decks, and pools.

Lush green synthetic grass is a perfect way to beautify your home. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere – including your driveway.

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Artificial Grass Maintenance: How To Clean Artificial Grass Guide

One of the most appealing features of synthetic turf is that it does not require the care and maintenance of a natural grass lawn. Make sure to let your installer know that you have pets when you are making your installation appointment.

When pets are involved, turf installation should be completed differently, including the addition of turf deodorizer to the base preparation, a recommended membrane between the base and the turf to allow enhanced air circulation and additional turf deodorizer on top with the installation of the infill. To remove dust, dirt, leaves and other debris, use a flexible lawn rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush. Cleaning your grass in this manner is also an effective way to maintain the upright position of each blade.

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How to Remove Pet Waste from Artificial Grass

Most pets have favorite places to relieve themselves, which makes pet urine removal simple as well. Synthetic turf is a pet-friendly option, and pet owners can rest assured that little additional maintenance is required to keep their lawns looking great. It is also recommended that you keep a bottle of turf deodorizer handy, which will allow you to avoid lawn odors with quick, regular treatments of the area. To remove pet droppings from grass, simply use your preferred method for removing solid pet waste. ( Synthetic Turf Groomer/Rake- order from here)
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