As one of the best-known contemporary designers, Philippe Starck has placed honesty and integrity at the core of his designs producing quality products with longevity & durability.

Starck’s work does not concentrate on the creation of provocative and expensive single pieces. Instead his product designs are of usable household items who Starck himself helps to market for mass production. His products are often stylized, streamlined and organic in their look.


The relationship between Kartell and Philippe Starck sometimes becomes a real desire for transgression and challenge, of aesthetic and cultural provocation. The creative genius of the artist and Kartell’s unequalled engineering and technological competence have produced, yet again, a cult product. A Louis XV style chair in transparent and colored polycarbonate: revisited baroque ideatype, to astonish, excite and fascinate. The Louis Ghost chair is the most daring example in the world of polycarbonate injection in a single mold.


The creation of this project was an authentic, technological challenge for Kartell, both the particular shape of the medallion-shaped back and the arms presented considerable difficulty. Evanescent and crystalline, like the progenitor of the series, La Marie, the Louis Ghost chair is stable, robust, and resistant to all blows, scratches, and weather conditions. A chair with a strong, charismatic personality of guaranteed aesthetic appeal. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


The history of Ghost Chairs

A ghost chair is distinct due to its mixture of both creativity and sturdiness. The chairs are durable, stackable, and are great for both outdoor and indoor use, making them a terrific choice for nearly any kind of occasion and event. Created by genius Philippe Starck, the ghost chair has turned out to be one of the most effective representations of American furniture art, showing a mix of both functionality and appearance. Due to their distinctive style, these ghost chairs have been widely regarded for their magnificence and elegance, having a remarkable amount of success ever since they were initially launched in the year 2002. The translucent look definitely provides such chairs a ghostly and relaxing feel.

15 Modern Dining Ghost Chairs that You Can Buy Right Now!

LeisureMod Astor Modern Dining Chair, Clear

The beautiful water- drop design detail of the Astor Chair, makes it instantly captivating, and lends a naturist feel to the contemporary style chair. The contemporary coolness of the clear acrylic shell and chromed legs bring together a variety of design inspirations. These minimalistic chairs are sturdily and dependably built, for optimal durability. The placement of the Astor Chair is extremely versatile. The chair is great for reception areas, modern lounges or professional facilities. Place it in your dining area, or entertainment space. The possibilities are endless. The Chair will ensure that perfect last touch you need to set the tone in the contemporary space of your choice.


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Modern Ghost Chair Armchair With Arm Polycarbonate Plastic Clear Transparent Crystal

Made from heavy-duty molded contemporary polycarbonate plastic – Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use – Stackable chair for easy storage
Comfortable Chair – Great for both Home & Office use – Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Waiting Areas, Parties, Banquets, Patios, Porch, Balconies, and many more!

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LeisureMod Modern Cornelia Transparent Plastic Dining Chair

This forest chair lends a modern touch of the beauty of a small grove of trees to your home. It is constructed with sturdy molded plastic. . Manufactured from polycarbonate plastic this chair is very light and strong. Clear non-marking feet finish off the chair. The intricate cut-out design is ideal around a modern dining table or simply as a standalone chair in an entryway or extra room. Or simply as a standalone chair in a bedroom.

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LeisureMod Dynamic Modern Dining Chair, Clear

Transparent clear Lucite chair acrylic. Honeycomb cut-out design. Made from a single mold injection. Black plastic non-marking feet. Conveniently stackable. Fully assembled. Available in Clear, Transparent Red, and Transparent Black sold separately.

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Casper Dining Armchair in Smoke

Combine artistic endeavors into a unified vision of harmony and grace with the ethereal Casper Chair. Allow bursts of creative energy to reach every aspect of your contemporary living space as this masterpiece reinvents your surroundings.

5 ghost chair-designrulz (8)
Victoria Ghost Side Chair Set of 2 Dining Chairs

In spite of the evenescent and crystaline impression, Loius Ghost is stable, strong resistant to blows, scratchproof and weatherproof; as many as six peices can be piled up. With a strongly charismatic charcter and outstanding aesthetic appeal, this chair fits perfectly into every home or public area with elegance and irony.

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Poly and Bark Ghost Style Dining Side Chair, Clear, Set of 2

Innovative and exceptional, the Ghost Dining Side Chair will add a certain touch of class to any attractive space in your home. The possibilities are absolutely endless with this Ghost Dining Side Chair, designed for the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. Made of a strong and durable polycarbonate design, this unique side chair will easily find its way into conversations with friends and guests. Choose this fully assembled and attractive side chair for an innovative and convenient touch to the dining room, or any area of your home. Because this injection molded side chair is completely clear in design, it will pair well with any color or décor style.

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Set of Six Modern Designer Ghost Style Chairs

2xhome offers the highest quality but with affordable price. Made from transparent polycarbonate, these chairs are made from single mold injection. Ideal for indoor or outdoor, wedding party, office, home, matching with your dining table.

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Belle Style Ghost Chair Ghost Armchairs

Don’t risk purchasing your chairs with another brand, stay with 2xhome! 2xhome offers the highest quality but with affordable price (The details of our quality are written on our product description). You will not get the same price with this quality from another company again. Don’t risk and this offer only allow limited of time.

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American Atelier White Cushion Chair with Clear Legs and Back

Enjoy this modern designed chair from American Atelier Living by Jay. This contemporary chair is made of polycarbonate legs and backrest, with a polypropylene seat and a polyurethane cushion.

American Atelier White Cushion Chair with Clear Legs and Back

Belle Style Ghost Chair Ghost Armchairs

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Casper Dining Armchair, Pink


Adeco Plastic Ghost Side Chair Counter Stool for outdoor or dining living room, Set of 2

The backless answer to our funky, stylish Ghost dining chair, this fun barstool is perfect as lightweight extra seating, or a conversation piece around the bar. The solid polycarbonate construction is cheekily transparent, giving you or your guests the feeling of floating above the floor. The comfy, round seat is raised 25.6″ above the ground – the perfect perch for sipping margaritas or sharing dinner at a high-top table. With this set of two unique seats, your home is sure to be the go-to spot for every get-together.

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Casper Dining Armchairs Set of 2 in Clear

Combine artistic endeavors into a unified vision of harmony and grace with the ethereal Casper Chair. Allow bursts of creative energy to reach every aspect of your contemporary living space as this masterpiece reinvents your surroundings. Surprisingly sturdy and durable, the Casper Chair is appropriate for any room or outdoor setting. Pure perception awaits, as shining moments of brilliance turn visual vacuums into new realms of transcendence.

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Poly and Bark Mag End Table

Make a statement with this bent Polycarbonate Mag End Table. Its compact, space-saving silhouette features a modern sculpted design with two upward-curved legs that can double as extra storage space for books or magazines. Looks stylish alone or as part of a set.

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