I believe, along with a growing number of leaders around the world, that 3D printing will change the way things are produced more in this century than the industrial revolution did over the last 300 years. In case you haven’t noticed, 3D printing is so hot right now.

The 3D printers are an amazing invention that turns your imagination projects into reality; you can draw anything you want. It is not an ordinary printer; it is basically used by NASA or few big industries. You can print different things of various shapes with the 3D printers.  It seems like every week we see a new innovation or discovery in this new creative world, so we’ve decided to kick off a series where we share the latest and greatest news in 3D every month. Scientist and doctors are also using 3D printers to make human organs so that they can use this technology for the betterment of people.

The 3D printer uses the plastic wire of different dimensions to make things. The businessman can draw 3D structures, children can draw toys with 3D pens, and woman can make jewelry and shoes. In short, everyone can get the benefits out of 3D printers. 3D printers are easy to use and available at different costs. All the 3D printers make things, but the quality of prints matters.


How 3-D printing will radically change the world

According to these futurists, 3-D printing will make life as we know it today barely recognizable in 50 to 75 years. “Realistically, we’re going to be living to 100 …110. With bio-printed organs, living to 110 won’t be anything like living to that age today,” contends Jack Uldrich, a technology trend expert. “We’re already printing skin, kidneys, a replica of a beating human heart. If a person loses a limb, we’ll be able to print, layer by layer, a replacement. It’s theoretically possible.”

MakerBot Watch: The MoMA store now stocks 3D-printed watches made by a MakerBot replicator – they’re flexible and made from pieces that snap together. We’re loving the bright color scheme and the minimalist clock face. Mix and match your favorite colors to create an awesome 3D printed watch for any occasion! Contrast the band with the pop-out bezel, or make links in multiple colors for an interesting two-tone band. Order now!

MakerBot Watch

3D Printed Bionic Ear: Electronics meet 3D printing in this crazy-cool project out of Princeton University. Scientists printed 3D cells and combined with an antenna to create an ear that can hear radio frequencies a million times higher than humans. Also view: 12 Things We Can 3D Print in Medicine Right Now!

3D Printed Bionic Ear

3D Printed Running Shoes: The ultimate in sneaker customization, these shoes are printed to fit your foot and running style. This would be great for serious runners or people with really specific shoe needs. Plus, we’re picturing an updated Cinderella where the Prince brings one of these around the kingdom!

With 3D printer technology now taking off in a pretty big way, it is an innovation that has, potentially, got all the hallmarks of a game-changer in terms of the way consumers interact with the high-street and go about purchasing their wares. If this eye-catching 3D Printed Shoe Concept by Pensar over at Behance is anything to go by then you’ll definitely want to get in on the ground floor with whatever the future of 3D printing holds. I’ll be there too. I’ll be the one with the Guinness. And humongous self-3D printed beer helmet. Patent pending.

3D Printed Running Shoes-designrulz (1) 3D Printed Running Shoes-designrulz (2)

3D Printed Game of Thrones Board Game: Cyvasse is a game featured in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice novels and now, thanks to an enthusiastic fan and 3D printing, you can totally play it!

3D Printed Game of Thrones Board Game

Crashed cars in the moviesWith 3D printers, it’s no longer necessary to crash expensive luxury cars. As was seen in the James Bond movie Skyfall, the producers printed scaled models and destroyed them when the action scenes were shot.

car 3d printer

Musical InstrumentsIf all goes well, we might see the day when musicians no longer need to shell out thousands of dollars of a high-quality guitar. Instead, they will only need to have their instruments printed. Bespoke 3D Systems recently made musical instruments made of plastic and metal through a 3D printer.

Musical Instruments

3D Replications of Sculptures: San Diego-based Cosmo Wenman has replicas of the most famous statues in the world sitting in his living room. He made them by taking hundreds of photographs of the originals and then turning to 3D printing to make the models. While certainly not a substitute for the real thing, this is pretty cool for art students dying to touch the inspiring pieces.

3D Replications of Sculptures

Amazon Launches 3D Printing Category: Amazon is getting in on the trend, launching a category specifically for 3D printing. It offers the opportunity to purchase 3D printers, materials, parts, books, and software.

3D Printers designrulz

Why You Need to Invest in 3D Printers Now?

3D printing is still mysterious for most people, but that is going to change a few years from now. On a more practical note, since you can make practically anything with a 3D printer and the right materials, people could use it to print spare parts or even windows. The possibilities, really, are endless!