Burglaries occur every 15 seconds in the United States. Even more worrying for new homeowners is the fact that 73 percent of those robberies happen to residential properties. But before you make a big purchase on a security system, take a good hard look around your home. A few simple, low- or no-cost measures will significantly deter a would-be thief from targeting your home. Home safety should be one of your top priorities when moving into a house, so here are the first 5 things you should do to help secure your new home.

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5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Secure the doors

Roughly 33 percent of burglars enter through the front door. Perform an inspection of not only your front door, but all doors around your home. Make sure t the frames are strong, the hinges are protected, the wood is not hollow, and, if your door has a mail slot, that someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door.

Remove the ‘hidden’ house key

The key under the mat, inside the mailbox, beneath a rock—everybody hides a house key. Problem is, burglars know your hiding places. Instead, give it to a trusted neighbor.

Light up the landscape

The FBI states the majority of burglaries occur during the day, likely when you’re at work. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to secure your home at night. Place lights around your front and back yard. Use lights that come equipped with motion sensors for added protection. An intruder might be less inclined to break in if there is a spotlight on them.

Lock up the ladder

Don’t store a ladder outside. A burglar, perhaps posing as a handyman or contractor, could use it to gain access to a second-floor window or balcony.

Add security signs

Many security providers also include yard signs and window decals with security packages to help deter potential burglars. If you have them, put them up. If you don’t have a security system, weigh the pros and cons of fake signage. Sometimes the belief that there’s a security system inside can be as effective as actually having one.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel designrulz (3)

5 Systems to Secure Your Home You Can Buy Right Now from Amazon

Blink Home Security Camera System

Meet Blink, the one-of-a-kind, battery-powered remote home monitoring system that’s simple to set up and equally perfect for renters or homeowners. Its stylish, totally wire-free design houses innovative HD video technology, plus motion and temperature sensors, to deliver instant home insight through the Blink app for your iOS or Android device.

Blink Home Security Camera System (1) Blink Home Security Camera System (2)

Schlage F51A LAT 619 CEN Century Collection Latitude Keyed Entry Lever

Walter Schlage opened his first shop more than 90 years ago-and his company has been a leader in security ever since. By helping people protect their homes and businesses with products that continually advance the state-of-the-art, Schlage has built a worldwide reputation for innovation, craftsmanship, dependability-and above all, strength.

Century Collection Latitude Keyed Entry Lever, Satin Nickel

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is all about stylish convenience from the moment it leaves the box. Its illuminated touchscreen gives you easy accessibility, eliminating the hassle of fumbling around for your keys. Better yet, when you pair your lock with the Schlage Sense app you gain even more key-free opportunities. Additionally, the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology—which allows you to talk to unlock your door using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. That connectivity puts you in greater control of your home, which means the Schlage Sense lock doesn’t just make your home smarter—it makes your life easier. Available in the Century trim, the deadbolt suites perfectly with our Century collection interior hardware – especially when wrapped in our versatile Satin Nickel finish. Plus, it’s been designed to meet the highest industry standards for strength and durability.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel designrulz (4)

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Keyless entry single cylinder deadbolt. 1-touch locking with motorized deadbolt, lighted keypad, automatic deadbolt handing, automatic locking feature after 30 seconds, alternate keyway entry features SmartKey cylinder, a bump-resistant, higher pick-resistant lock elminating traditional re-keying. Re-keying can be done with just the included learning tool in a matter of seconds.

SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel designrulz (1) SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel designrulz (3)

Digital Electronic Safe Security Box

Digital entry. Master key included in the even of forgotten or lost codes. PIN numbers can be programmed 3 to 8 digits long. Constructed of thick solid steel Heavy-Duty chrome steel dual pin bolt throw system (not just latch). Opens with digital pin code or override keys. Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts, 3000-time operation life expectancy of battery, Pre-drilled holes inside with fixing bolts for anchoring

Digital Electronic Safe Security Box designrulz (2)

Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting In-Wall Dimmer Kit

Controlling lights, shades, and temperature from a mobile device has never been easier or more reliable. The Lutron Smart Bridge allows for setup, control, and monitoring of Caseta Wireless dimmers and Serena Remote Controlled Shades from a smartphone, tablet, and even your Apple Watch TM wearable. The Lutron Smart Bridge also works with Apple HomeKit, Nest and select Honeywell Thermostats, Logitech Harmony remotes, and more. Schedule lights to adjust automatically based on the time of day, or create your favorite scenes that adjust multiple lights and shades with the press of a button. Enable geofencing to automatically turn your lights on/off when you leave or approach home, or to notify you that you left your lights on. Starter kit includes (1) Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge, (2) Caseta Wireless In-Wall dimmers, (2) Pico Remote Controls, (2) single tabletop pedestals, and (2) one-gang Claro wallplates.

6 Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting In-Wall Dimmer Kit (1) 6 Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting In-Wall Dimmer Kit (2)

AVANTEK WiFi Remote Control Outlet Switch Electrical Wireless Smart Plug for Lights and Home Appliances Automation with Timer and Energy Management

Turn just about any electrical device on and off without having to get up or even be in the house with just a simple touch of your mobile phone. No more worrying you’ve left the air conditioner or any other electrical devices on when you leave. Just take a glance at the application on your phone and check. Efficient and effective, the AVANTEK WiFi smart outlet once again puts the power of convenience into the palm of your hand!

7 AVANTEK WiFi Remote Control Outlet designrulz (1)

Comfortable Remote Control over Hard-to-Reach Appliances

WiFi remote control socket operated through a smart phone app. Enables convenient ON/OFF function of electronic devices from almost any location and at any time. The socket supports up to 20 timing tasks and can repeat the daily ON/OFF cycle during weekdays and weekends. Ideal for multiple devices such as fans, cell phone chargers, lights and kitchen appliances. The perfect choice for timely cooking or lighting at dawn and dusk. Compatible with 2.4G routers only.

7 AVANTEK WiFi Remote Control Outlet designrulz (2)

Monitors and Controls Energy Usage

Checks appliances condition anytime and anywhere, enabling you to save money and conserve energy by eliminating standby power. The WiFi remote control socket is perfect for managing power consumption and comes with the added benefit of optimizing energy usage. The power monitor in the application measures the consumption of each device plugged into the WiFi socket and displays power usage from the year before in an easy to read diagram.

7 AVANTEK WiFi Remote Control Outlet designrulz (3)