A pavilion home meets all contemporary tastes. It is flexible, functional and very versatile. You can play with spaces, allow light come inside from different angles, test the limits of functionality, and finally escape wherever you like in this generous construction. The building below was realized by Johnsen Schmaling Architects and it smoothly blends in the deep forest of Wisconsin, USA. Right angles and the well-defined structure reflect stability, while the dominant use of wood tames the look of the house, making it feel light and inviting. Large areas of transparent glass make the communication between interior and exterior easy, while also integrating the landscape. So, are you already interested in a pavilion home? Then, include the following characteristics on the list before sketching the project: box-like volumes, a low-pitched skillion roof, expansive surfaces of glass, open-plan interiors, and a good indoor-outdoor flow.

house-designrulz (1) house-designrulz (2)

Also known as glass curtain walls, the expansive glass walls capture natural light and encourage ventilation.

house-designrulz (3) house-designrulz (4)

Make use of simple volumes and linear geometries!

house-designrulz (5) house-designrulz (6)

An open plan allows movement through spaces and it is frequently used in a pavilion home. Patios, balconies, decks, courtyards and gardens – linked by sliding glass doors  – become outdoor living spaces.  

house-designrulz (7) house-designrulz (8) house-designrulz (9) house-designrulz (10) house-designrulz (11)

The box upstairs enjoys a marvelous panorama and a lovely green carpet.

house-designrulz (12)

The living room features a grey low level sofa and three generous armchairs. The modern fireplace became the focal point of the room.