Cozy interiors are timeless. The couple owning the house below wanted a home that lasts, able to facilitate the daily living, but also elegant and distinctive. To achieve this, they worked with architect Ana Rita Sousa e Silva after they got the keys of the property. As the work was still at an early stage, the professional could change the layout and some finishes without compromising its rhythm and form. For example, the facade and the bathrooms suffered some changes to reflect the personality of the inhabitants. In the social area and the gourmet terrace, the walls were removed to promote amplitude and allow natural light flood the cozy interiors. All these structural changes had a common purpose: to give life to comfortable and beautiful rooms which are also very practical and suitable for the contemporary lifestyle. As for the visual effects, the intention was to have a neutral, clear decor. The wood paneling embrace architecture and convey warmth as well as the delicate wallpapers. The couple, who loves entertaining friends and watch movies at home asked for a TV room equipped with the best possible equipment and intelligent systems. Yes, because technology is synonymous with comfort.

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The garden, which now serves as the backdrop for the decoration was designed by landscape architect Marcelo Bellotto at Ana Rita’s suggestions.

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