The classic decor works amazingly for this residence realized by Bonadiesarchitect. They are timeless, cozy and reflect the personality of the inhabitants who have a taste for art and refined accessories. Making the so-called old aesthetic look fresh and functional is usually a challenge for designers. Heavy curtains, tapestried sofas, the king size clock with Roman numerals and a crystal chandelier do not accommodate easily with our practical requirements. As a general rule, a classic decor opts for imposing elements, items that make the room feel elegant, sometimes luxurious. The setup relies on symmetry, usually displaying well-proportioned items of furniture paired with adequate decorative items. For a noble look, Greek or Roman influences can be introduced; thus reminding the glorious times of banquets in grand villas. What we nowadays recognize as a classic decor is usually an example of a distinctive layout, sometimes combined with a royal touch. It goes without saying that technical equipment and all the modern accessories are hidden as much as possible to let the aristocratic look conquer the stage.

Also, explore a gallery of classic design concepts here.

Warrix-designrulz (1)

A simple terrace with a solid background

Warrix-designrulz (2)

A well organized outdoor area, featuring the pool as focal point.

Warrix-designrulz (3)

Well, beige, brown – warm tones are frequently used by classics.

Warrix-designrulz (4)

The entrance, flanked by two green pots.

Warrix-designrulz (5) Warrix-designrulz (6)

A large window allow natural light come inside all day long. The marble countertops are just perfect for this kitchen, while the neutral colors and the unfussy details make the room feel airy and relaxed.

Warrix-designrulz (7) Warrix-designrulz (8) Warrix-designrulz (9) Warrix-designrulz (10)

Symmetry played an essential role in this dining room.

Warrix-designrulz (11)

Missing the drama? Combine red with black and you’ll have tension and emotion at home.

Warrix-designrulz (12) Warrix-designrulz (13) Warrix-designrulz (14)

Sometimes is the architecture alone that influences the style of the interiors.

Warrix-designrulz (15)

Two sofas facing each other offer a quiet corner for discussions outside.