Pratone lounge chair represents an irreverent design idea; light years away from the usual types of middle-class interior design of the 70’, it has then become a point of reference in the history of design. Long green stalks among which we can sink and lie, it is an unconventional seat, a chaise longue outside tradition values, a portion of garden deliberately out of proportion. Constructed of polyurethane foam, the over-sized stalks of grass that make up the Pratone are at once pliable and unpredictable, creating an unconventional seating situation that challenges both the sitter and traditional design values. It is an object for single or collective rest – temporary, unstable, always to be conquered due to the elasticity of the material.


Pratone lounge chair- Giant blades of grass form an artificial comfortably relax on. Made of polyurethane foam treated with washable Guflac paint.

Starting from two opposite mysteries – the grass as biological reference, and the material for industrial production as artificial presence – this seat finds its place among the formal research aimed to free people from some of the conditioning of their habitual behavior.

“Pratone” seems to be a grassland, but it isn’t common, since it is made of plastic. The object, seat, and lawn furniture Pratone of the Gruppo Strum (G. Ceretti, P. Derossi, R. Rosso) was designed by Gufram and gives you room to relax between the large blade of grass.

In 2016 Gufram presents his first and last scandinavian product: The Nordic Pratone, with a limited edition production of 50 pieces, makes its contribution to the series of special projects from Gufram for the occasion of its fiftieth birthday. If you are interested, you can order from here

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