As parents, we all know how great it would be if we could ensure our kids are as healthy and happy as they could be throughout their life journey. The main feng shui goal in transforming children’s rooms is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. A child’s room created with feng shui in mind will serve as an emotional and physical support during the many and various experiences of your child’s growth.

Feng shui applies to all the occupants in the house

Children can be even more susceptible to their surrounding energies, so it’s very important to make sure their beds are placed in the commanding position. They will feel easily startled and vulnerable if their backs are to the door. Electronics should never be stored or charged near a child’s bed.

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Is your child not sleeping? These Feng Shui Tips might help you!

Live with what you love!

Remove anything you feel obligated to keep for what ever reason. Update your home to reflect who you are now – not who you used to be.

Make the child’s room a healthy place!

How healthy and fresh is the air your child breathes in? Water pictures, aquariums, or sounds of water that can be heard from the bedroom can create an unhealthy environment and may even lead to respiratory ailments. This is especially important if the child has any health problems, particularly asthma.

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Position children in the correct bedroom locations!

The bed should have its headboard against a solid wall. Make sure there is room to walk around each side of the bed – don’t push one side up against the wall. Avoid placing the bed under a window or directly in line with the door. Standing in the doorway, if you can toss a ball straight ahead and hit the bed, energy flowing into the room will also hit the bed and this is not good for the child.

If possible, boys should be placed in the east or north bedrooms and girls should be placed in the south or southeast or west bedrooms. Lastly, use personal feng shui. Have the child sleep with her head pointed toward her personal best directions.

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Clutter Clear!

This is a big deal! Feng Shui promotes that we are energetically connected to everything we own. Having an overwhelming amount of stuff to deal with sucks our energy and brings us down.

Nursery children's bedroom

Clear the space so your child can rest and be creative!

Jammed closets and drawers, beds with boxes, shoes and other items underneath must be cleaned out. Creating space and visual openness helps your child to feel less pressured, and more likely to be imaginative and creative. More is definitely not “more” when it comes to kids. Give them a visual rest and clear out all the stuff they haven’t played with in a month or more.

Never put all your furniture against the walls. Furniture should be arranged to support communication, so forget where the walls are. Put at least the front legs of all furniture on the rug — not just around it — and people will sit there and talk.

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Add Doubles to Every Room!

Avoid a single chair in the corner, solitary images in artwork and solo photographs. It’s important to create the energy of partnership around you, otherwise you are continually enforcing singularity.” Add a second chair to a sitting area, double up on nightstands and surround yourself with pairs of everything.

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Use light, color, and artwork in the room to make a happy environment!

A child’s room should stimulate, not dampen, the child’s spirit. Make sure there is adequate lighting for the desk, for a bedside table, and that windows can be closed off for privacy. Rooms that are painted blue (unless it’s a bright or light-colored shade) or other dark colors can be depressing and create too much oppressive energy. Color has a powerful impact on mood, and red is considered auspicious and powerful. Think of walking the red carpet or wearing a red power tie. It’s not just filling your home with stuff — it’s about decorating with mindfulness and enhancing the vibration and power of your own home.

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Add a Splash of Pink!

Color has a huge impact on us. We actually need to surround ourselves with certain colors at certain stages in our lives. Because it’s the color of relationships in feng shui, pink is one of the best colors to decorate a bedroom with. Pink represents love, joy, happiness and romance. It doesn’t need to be a whole room, even a splash will do. Alternatively, light blue is a positive relationship color.

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These Feng Shui tips make up the basic teachings of Western Feng Shui. You don’t have to know when you were born or do the astrology of your home to apply these powerful yet simple core Feng Shui principles. Give yourself and your family the gift of loving your living space and your quality of life will increase exponentially!