The eyes of our houses – windows, can become more beautiful and more stylish with a little bit of help from curtains. And indeed, every time you step into the room, the first things you notice are colors dominated in it, and how much light enters the room.
So today, scientists and psychologists interested in colors open the door for us to a new level of understanding about how color affects our lives, feelings, homes, and moods. Since the house without windows is a house without life, it is important to decorate them accordingly and not comprehended it.

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But at first…

Before choosing colors of your curtains, we need to emphasize a few crucial elements, which might help you to decide what colors suits your room best. So, one of the most important things you should begin with is the style of a room, and especially colors of walls, floors, carpets, and furniture. Only one element can be the star of the room while other has to be only a great addition to the whole décor. Take the so-called “rule of thumb” – if a room has vivid colors of the walls, carpet or other objects, it is best to choose curtains, which will have a neutral tone. Or the opposite – if the whole room and furniture are in more neutral shades, vivid colored curtains are the ones which will bring live to a room.

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Now, let’s head to the list what type of curtain colors suit which type of the room and what can it increase.
• The red color is stimulating the appetite, sexual needs, energy, and makes people more active. So, red colored curtains can be perfect for both your kitchen or dining room and bedroom. However, it is important to know, that red color might work very appetizing, and you might overeat, or express too many emotions.
• Orange color makes it easier to accept changes, creates a sense of comfort, and provides energy. This color can be hung in rooms, which are a place where every family member gathers. Orange is especially suitable for the kitchen, because the color improves digestion, and gives comfort. However, orange curtains are not recommended in the bedroom, because it is too stimulating.

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• Yellow, much like the orange, gives a sense of friendship. If you want to make, guests feel more relaxed and feel free to communicate, decorate your living room with yellow curtains for sure.
• Green curtains are perfect for the bedroom because this color relaxes, predisposes good night’s sleep, and in addition to all that, makes the room seem more spacious. However, this color is not suitable for everyone, since it might irritate some people if there are too much green in a room.

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• Turquoise helps to achieve inner harmony, and it contributes to calm people down. So this color of the curtains fits the room where you want to relax and recover after a hard day of work.
• Blue is a peaceful color that helps to fight insomnia and anxiety, as well as concentrate. Therefore, blue colored curtains are perfect to hang both in the workspace of your house and in the bedroom.

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• Purple. This color curtains will create pale pink light, which has a calming effect. This color suits with brightly colored elements of the room also will make a room more alive. Therefore, it will keep you more awake and energized.
• Pink and purple promote tenderness and love feelings. Purple and pink also have a good effect on intimate relationships, so pink color curtains are just perfect for your bedroom.
• Light brown curtains will help create a cozy home. Brown color helps to concentrate as well, but it requires bright interior accents so that the room won’t look boring and dull.
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