All over the world we can find and book hotels where you can enjoy a lot of modern, but to be fair standard amenities. However, there is a group of travelers who started to want more, and not only to see and do somewhere abroad but also to get a bed in unique hotels as well.
Because of this naturally growing need for something different and unique, hotels owners decided to put their business in many unique places. Some of them opened their inns in the middle of the desert, some of them built them in a unique form, but there is a pretty big group of hotel owners who decided to build a hotel underwater. And these five world’s most incredible underwater hotels are the best example of this creative thinking!

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, Shanghai, China

Surely, then we talk about something unique and bizarre, we just have to mention China somewhere. Shimao Wonderland hotel is certainly the one worth mentioning here as well. The hotel is actually a restored abandoned quarry and has the first two floors underwater. There, every visitors of this hotel can gaze upon an incredible aquarium and luxury guest rooms in which you can spend a night or two. This five-star hotel also offers such features as waterfalls, lakes, incredible and vast hanging gardens, and a lot more.
Prices are pretty good there too. For only $200 a night everyone can afford a night in there. So there are a lot of people saying, that soon Shimao will become the world’s most famous underwater hotel.

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The National Aquarium, Baltimore, USA

Despite the fact, that this place is not technically a hotel, you still have a chance to spend a night in here surrounded by sea animals! In particular, a sleepover in this national aquarium is one of the only kid-friendly options for experiencing an underwater life and learning about majestic creatures that live deep down in the sea.
Visitors here can choose to either sleep with the dolphins or the sharks. Also, you will be provided with meals and lectures teaching about all the animals you can see. This not so ordinary aquarium indeed is a perfect place for a budget-friendly family vacation destination!

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Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida, USA

Another not technically a hotel structure where you can sleepover surrounded by sea animals is in Florida’s state. Well, this is not technically a museum as well – it is more like a part hotel and part research lab which you can reach only if you scuba dive in there! For this reason, all visitors should have a certificate showing that they know how to scuba. Otherwise, you can’t come in. But once you get in there you can enjoy hot showers, fantastic meals, entertainment and various other traditional amenities found at other hotels. This is not the most luxurious hotel, but it is one of the best ones to experience real underwater live for sure.

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Lovers Deep, St. Lucia

Ok, now let’s talk about luxury! This hotel-submarine you can find in St. Lucia Island is the one where you can enjoy feeling like a prince or a princess of the entire underwater kingdom. In fact, if you decide to choose this accommodation option, you will be pampered from the moment you step in here to the moment you leave. In fact, this submarine was designed for couples who want to spend a night bellow the sea and just want to be alone. There you can even get your own personal chef and butler, so you romantic night underwater will be even more special.
However, prices start at approximately $129,000 USD per person, so you might need to open up it a bit more to have the most fantastic night with your loved one.

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The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Let’s end up with the critics’ acclaimed and probably the best underwater hotel in the world – the Manta Resort. Located nearby the Pemba Island, which belongs to Zanzibar, this unique, luxurious and breathtaking hotel will be everything that a traveler like you can want. Three levels of this hotel provide you with a chance to enjoy marine life, warm waters, and hot tropical sun without even leaving your room.
The best part about this hotel is the fact that you will have a beautiful well-secluded room, so again, your privacy in here will be protected pretty well. Indeed, the Mantra Resort is the best that you can get and enjoy underwater world, romance, and hot sun without being bothered by problems back at home.

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