Peak Lounge Chair & Peak footstool are a furniture design tale told to the very end. Peter Qvist has put icing on the cake by adding a footstool in front of Peak Lounge Chair. The tension between complexity and simplicity is what makes this pair unique. The structures might appear complex, but the overall look is stylish and streamlined. Though, Peak Footstool is designed to match Peak Lounge Chair, it might also be used as a standalone sculptural stool. Peak Lounge Chair & Footstool consists of respective 26 and 25 sub-elements made of laminated birch veneer individually oiled and waxed.


Peter Qvist has made it his trademark to combine 3D modeling with skilled craftsmanship. He has found that the two different working methods complement each other to perfection. An uncompromising approach to creating unique form furniture has led to the perfect balance of design, functionality and art. Today, Peter has achieved a larger portfolio and builds a wide variety of furniture pieces.

Peak_lounge_chair_4 Peak_lounge_chair_5 Peak-Footstool-Back-Persk Peak-Footstool-Detail Peak-Footstool-Down-Persk peter-peak-lounge-chair_Stor