Nothing compares to delicious ice creams and coffees with intense aromas when you feel the need to pamper yourself in the city. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream And Coffee in Bucharest, Romania is perfect for such retreats. Of course, we have to admit that the interior design of this amazing place makes the products taste even better. Playful and lively, the concept of this gelato store design invites you to see life through a wide range of colors. As you can easily notice, the floor is very dynamic and it reflects the flavors of the ice cream: vanilla, blueberry, pistachio, strawberry, nuts and so on. Exposed bricks on the wall make the interior feel warm and relaxed, while the pendant lamps coffin shaped create interesting focal points. The items of furniture – chairs and tables – are simple and functional, arranged in a setup that follows the lines of the windows, walls and the bar.


creamier-designrulz (10)

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creamier-designrulz (12)

From outside, Creamier looks like a delicious candy.

creamier-designrulz (13)

A gelato store design that reminds you that life is beautiful.

creamier-designrulz (14)

Shelves and niches were installed to hold books and several decorative items.

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