According to Food Industry & Nutrition, there is no better way to absorb vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruit and vegetables than by drinking juice. Studies have shown that the absorption rate is up to 4 times higher and digestion times are also significantly improved. A slow juicer is also the best juicer for leafy greens (also known as a cold press juicer) and work as the name suggest; slower than your normal juicer. The slower speed is beneficial in a number of ways covered here. If you do not have a lot of money, you are limited in terms of what juicer you can get. At one end, you have the speeding Ferraris called Centrifugal juicers. And on the other, there are the “easy does it best” slow juicers, also known as masticating juicers. Slow juicers can be horizontal or vertical depending on the model you buy. The vertical design is new and has taken off quite well with consumers as it saves space in the kitchen. Since extraction is so slow, the gear is able to open cells and release a high percentage of nutrients and enzymes. Nothing gets damaged as with centrifugal juicers. The juice is tastier, thicker and it is more nutritious.

Below is a great list of juicers to choose from, for a healthier, longer, and more active lifestyle.

What are the biggest advantages to purchasing a juicer?

You definitely save money and you control the quality of the ingredients, as you can chose organic produce or fruits and vegetables from a local farmers’ market. You also have your very own “reset” button at home. This can be incredibly helpful after vacations, indulgent weekends or when you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

Greenstar machines are reputably one of the world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. Using Exclusive Jumbo Twin Gear technology with a low 110 rpm, ease of use and simple clean up, our Greenstar Juice Extractors and Food Processors are award-winning machines of unsurpassed quality. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the Greenstar’s Twin Gear Press extracts a substantially higher quantity of minerals than “leading” juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals, like calcium, iron, and zinc are 50%-200% higher in juice from the Greenstar than from other name brands juicers. Now, your commitment to drinking raw juice can really begin to pay off!

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Omega Juicers VRT350X Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer, Silver

The Omega VERT Models are revolutionary low speed squeezing juicers featuring the high efficiency of a masticating style juicer in a vertical design. The VERT is designed to be compact, contemporary and productive. With the VERT, form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice. The Omega VERT models feature an innovative auto cleaning system that keeps the screen clear during juicing, increasing its efficiency.

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Tribest Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor

The only juicer you’ll ever need! For juicing fruits and vegetables of virtually every description, the Green Star Juice Extractor has no rival. From hard roots (carrots, ginger) to fibrous stalks (celery, rhubarb) to even the toughest leafy greens (kale, wheat grass,) nothing is better at unleashing every drop of nutrition from fresh produce to boost your health, energy and overall sense of well-being. All models contain everything you’ll need for easy juicing and food processing. Green Star Juicers feature an exclusive low-speed, quiet and heavy-duty Twin-Gear impeller press system that operates with minimal noise, friction and heat, preserving even the most fragile nutrients. HD Twin-Gear juicing technology produces higher juice yield and enhances the nutritional value of every drop. UL, CE, and TUV certified with 5 year warranty. Set includes fine screen, glass juice pitcher, cleaning brush, plastic and wooden plungers.

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Best Juicer Juicepresso Cold Press Juicer Is Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean

Juicepresso cold press juicer is the easiest cleaning juicer on the market. It has a small footprint and is dishwasher safe! are you spending $6-$10 per bottle for cold pressed juice? Make you own organic cold pressed juice at home with Juicepresso. Save hundreds of dollars on a juice cleanse did you buy an expensive blender and think it was a juicer? a blender is not a juicer. Blenders and whole food machines do not extract juice from fruits and vegetables! They create heat and friction which can cause fruits and vegetables to lose nutrition. Do you have a masticating juicer already? If you alreay have a masticating juicer you know how difficult it is to clean. Juicepresso is the easiest cleaning masticating juicer on the market. it is dishwasher safe and bpa free!

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HUROM HU-100SB Masticating Slow Juicer Machine 

HUROM is a revolutionary line of juice extractors that use the Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) gently squeezes ingredients, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed juicers that grind and crush. SST also retains heat-sensitive nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes. The Hurom Cold Press Juicer is no ordinary juicer. It is significantly better for your health and vitality, so much so, that many doctors recommend Cold Press Juicing for all types of health problems including cancer.

The Elite Series: Our premium product range incorporates redesigned, state-of-the-art Generation 2 drum assembly technology that will deliver the smoothest, purest, froth-free juices. It features a sleek stainless steel housing, advanced single gear motor technology and an innovative patented pulp lever to help you create delicious, versatile recipes exactly the way you like them.

With a gentle slow juicing speed of 45rpm and the highest yield of any other fruit juicer on the market, the Hurom Elite Series ensures the maximum amount of enzymes and living nutrients in each ingredient are preserved, with less waste and pulp.

The HQ Series: Our high quality HQ Series boasts many of the same features as our Elite Series, but on a more affordable scale. Complete with progressive single gear motor technology and Generation 2 Ultem strainers, it also introduces our brand new, ground-breaking ‘Brushless’ juicing technology that keeps it whisper quiet as it gently squeezes your ingredients.

Leaving no separation in your juice and much less pulp, the HQ Series fruit juicers result in all-natural, great-tasting juices, smoothies, ice creams and sorbets. Hurom proudly covers the motors in our quality Cold Press Juicers with a full 10 year warranty.

The Hurom Chef: Our efficient, highly versatile 4-in-1 Chef model combines the best Cold Press Juicer with a grinder, kneader and pasta maker for the ultimate in multi-purpose kitchen appliances. Winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, the Hurom Chef features a sleek design, 5 level pressure adjustment and one-touch drum release for outstanding convenience and ease.

Make everything from pasta and noodles to baby foods, soups, dips and smoothies with this versatile, all-in-one model. Whisper quiet and BPA free, the Chef will simplify all your home baking, cooking and creating.

Hurom H22 Commercial Cold Press Juicer: Our award-winning Commercial model is designed for small business and commercial operation, to bring quality Cold Press Juicing and its multitude of health benefits to your customers. Featuring a stylish yet heavy-duty exterior, twice the chamber capacity, 3 full drum sets and longer run times of up to 4 hours of continuous use, this state-of-the-art model can produce up to 18 litres of delicious, all-natural juice per hour.

As the winner of both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, the Hurom Commercial Cold Press Juicer will make an innovative and beautifully designed addition to your business offering.

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SKG New Generation Wide Chute Anti-Oxidative Slow Masticating Juicer

Juice is much more nutritious, tastes better and fresher, and lasts longer. The choice of ingredients is important. The ingredients should not be too hard or too soft. Too hard ingredients will break the juicer. Too soft ingredients, e.g., bananas, KV fruits, mangos are difficult to be squeezed. Hard apples are good for juicing; soft apples are not. Soft ingredients are ideal for smoothies / sorbets. There will be some fine pulps in the juice. It is common for masticating juicers, and is good for pulp lovers. The pulps can be filtered out with a filter or the cloth included. The fine pulps (not the tough fiber pulps from the exit) are very good nutrition wise, and can be used for making cake, rice, soup, etc.

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Juicing at home certainly gets you the freshest juice, but not everyone is comfortable going from zero to kale. When juicing at home, aim for nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Take the juice from leafy greens and powerhouse root veggies as your base, then add citrus or fruit to sweeten the taste.

The Difference Between Cold Press Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juice Extractors

Centrifugal Juice Extractors

Traditionally, this is the most common type of juicer. These typically utilize a fast-spinning metal blade that spins against a mesh filter, separating juice from flesh via centrifugal force. The juice and pulp are then separated into different containers. The problem with centrifugal juicers is that the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you’re juicing. The heat also oxidizes those nutrients, rendering less nutritious juice than a cold-press juicer.

Cold Press Juicers (a.k.a. Masticating Juicers)

These newer juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. Juice retains more nutrients because fruits and vegetables aren’t shredded with blades, which exposes the produce to air and speeds up oxidation.
You get more juice from your produce. A centrifugal juicer doesn’t extract as much juice ounce per ounce, and therefore using a masticating model can save you money on produce.

Buy a centrifugal juicer if:

– You use the juice mostly for cooking, baking or other processes where heat will eventually be applied
– You’re not picky about getting maximum nutrients
– You’re trying to save cash

Buy a slow press juicer if:

– You’re into cleansing, making nut milks and green juices, and you like fresh juice
– You want to pack the most nutrients into your body as possible
– You don’t mind spending a few extra bucks

Happy juicing!