Who doesn’t need an oasis of peace and relaxation to get rid of everyday stress? In this case, an attic apartment could be a great choice.  The key to great interior design when it comes to small spaces is being able to use the same space for more than one purpose. In this top floor apartment, the designers have been able to do just that. Architect Margaux Beja centered Apartment Saint Paul around the unfinished beams that span the apartment. She created contrast by using modern elements such as a steel and glass wall, which separates the living areas from the bright bedroom. Located in Le Marais, a historic district in Paris, this charming attic apartment was reimagined to combine its original character with fresh, contemporary style. The balance of rustic and modern was accomplished by incorporating raw materials and a neutral color palette. A skylight just above the work space is perfectly inspiring. Contemporary furnishings in black, wood and neutral tones add a minimalistic appeal. Constructed of solid walnut panels, the wooden wall adds both warmth and an industrial vibe to the main living space.The result is a comfortable space that gives equal attention to the architecture of the historic building and the modernism of the furnishings. his attic apartment is a true exercise in making the most of a smallish living space, without compromising style.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Live In An Attic Apartment

Cozy atmosphere.

Despite the fact that attic apartments are often less spacious, they always look welcoming. Such a bohemian space will invite you to enjoy some peaceful moments with your family. Drinking coffee every morning in front of the window can become an intimate moment. You should try this! You will see how important it is to start your day in a pleasant way.

Natural light access

Generally speaking, attic apartments have velux windows, and this would be a great advantage for you. It has been proven that natural light is essential to our wellbeing, and by having access to it we would be able to increase our performances and reduce stress. Velux windows are also stylish and, if you are lucky enough, they can provide a great view.


By living in an attic place you can easily avoid being disturbed by other people. It’s always good to have some time for yourself, and it’s even better to spend some quality time with your family.

No curtains.

Remember those curtains you really loved, but you never used them because they didn`t match the rest of the room? You won`t have this problem anymore.

No upstairs neighbors.

You’ve never thought of it as an advantage? No neighbors above, no strange noises and no risk of being flooded. The only ones that could disturb you are birds.

So, what do you think? Would you enjoy living in an attic apartment?

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