A masculine bedroom looks always for smart storing solutions. Gadgets, photo cameras, clothes, shoes and magazines must stay tidy and organized so that guys have space to express themselves. The crib bellow features a large masculine bedroom which may function as an example for those interested in wisely remodeling their own. Start with a big size bed in the middle of the room and arrange functional storing solutions around its perimeter. Shelves, boxes, benches or little cabinets may function wonderfully if you know how to combine styles with colors. Designers tend to choose brown and black as dominant tones in a masculine bedroom, but I think that insertions of navy blue, red and orange can add personality too. Explore the gallery and let us know if you found fruitful sources of inspiration.


Grey goes very well with black in a masculine bedroom.


 Instead of a floating headboard wall behind the bed, a sheet of thick perspex was installed. Thus, the owner can choose clothes in natural light and continue to watch television while getting dressed.


Sculptures are always catchy items in every house. They add personality to the interior, intrigue the guests and transmit passion for good art.


Shelves on the wall hold decorative items.